Brew’s Review: Fruit Creep (It’s A Beer!)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a classic 108 style beer review. So I figured what better time than now to dial one up.  For those that may be concerned, please don’t be, as I have been doing plenty of #108ing all summer and sampling a shit ton of different beers. 

Illuminated Brew Works: Fruit Creep DDH Double IPA (7.5% ABV)

One of the many beers that I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer is Fruit Creep from Illuminated Brew Works, located in Chicago’s Norwood Park neighborhood.  Known for their cult based theme and flashy beer can art, IBW rotates through a wide variety of delectable beers to choose from.  Having recently come across Fruit Creep, I knew that it was time to give IBW the recognition it deserved.  

The Deets/108 Beer Rating

Can/Label – 80/80:  That is not a typo!  The artwork on Fruit Creep is Hall of Fame worthy, which should surprise nobody as IBW always has top notch artwork for all of their beers.  This label gives flashbacks to my middle school days as the can is a tribute to the 90’s class fruit stripe gum.  As an added bonus the goat pictured has captions with them describing the details of the beer.

Appearance – 62/80: Upon pouring this beer I became an instant fan.  The orange color presents the beer as a juicy looking beer loaded with fruit flavors.  Not only that, but the pour itself wanted me to investigate even more details into the appearance.  If Fruit Creep were a twitter account, I would definitely be hitting them up in their DM’s.  

Taste – 75/80: The thick, juicy appeal was not deceiving as Fruit Creep is LOADED with flavors.  Not only that, you can taste all the hops notes and juiciness all the way through the entire beer.  The only thing that disappears quickly is the beer itself.  

Overall – 74/80:  Fruit Creep is an absolute winner.  Loaded with tropical flavors, a very appealing color and pour as well as one of the all time great labels put this in the GOAT discussion.  The only thing I haven’t tried yet is to drink Fruit Creep while wearing a pair of red batting gloves. 


Brew Hand Luke

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