The One Hitter…Fire Menechino!

This is the one hitter, don’t forget to exhale…

Last night, our White Sox lost 3-1. It was tough to see a team with such hitting potential fall flat and only produce one run. They did face Robbie Ray, Tim Mayza, and Jordan Romano; all formidable opponents. But that did not stop the sky is falling and Fire Menechino tweets from coming:

There are probably more, but I don’t have the energy to try to find all the misspellings of Menechino.

Look, I know I’m the guy hyping Menechino Magic, so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. But let’s just review the team’s offensive output:


624 runs – 7th in MLB
4.88 runs per game – 8th in MLB


103 runs over 23 games
4.5 runs per game
56 runs over 13 games against teams above .500
4.3 runs per game

Are they hitting the ball on the ground too much? YES!
Will they need to hit home runs in the playoffs to advance? YES!
Should they fire the hitting coach of a team that is 8th in the league in runs per game? No.

When you see a tweet like this, keep in mind that the 73-55 record is in the handle:


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