Emergency Beer Blog: Skeleton Key Brewery Needs Our Help

As you have most likely heard by now, or even experienced, a torrential storm ripped through the western suburbs last night. Even a tornado touched down! Homes and businesses, specifically the Naperville and Woodridge areas, were hit the hardest. Skeleton Key Brewery in Woodridge suffered significant damage to their tap room and brewery.  Hearing this news hit close to home, quite literally, as I am a short drive away from Skeleton Key. I went to pay the brewery a visit just last weekend. The staff are very kind and outgoing people that make you feel very welcome. Not to mention their beer kicks ass too!

Additionally, over the last year Skeleton Key renovated their tap room, lounge and expanded their seating.  According to their Instagram page “The building has suffered extreme structural damage and the taprooms are destroyed.”  As you can see in the picture below, this is very real, very serious and very devastating.    

What Can You Do To Help:

The staff at Mikerphone Brewing in Elk Grove Village has begun a Go Fund Me page to help Skeleton Key with whatever they need.  Also according to the page “They have received news that their building (brewery and taproom) is being condemned.”  The craft brewery community is one that many have come to appreciate and there is no better time to give back than this opportunity to rally around Skeleton Key Brewery. Let’s help their cause so they can get their feet back on the ground.  Naturally, the 108 is a big supporter of raising funds and giving back to all communities!  If you have time and maybe a few dollars to spare, go donate here as that is the 108 way of doing things. Every little bit makes a difference. Additionally, if you’re looking for more updates on what’s next for Skeleton Key during this process, they will have updates on their Instagram page.  

-Brew Hand Luke 

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