Brew’s Review: Pastry Power Blueberry Crumble (In A Can!)

Happy Illinois Craft Beer Week to all my fellow beer drinkers.  In honor of this annual event, I will be writing multiple beer reviews this week to recognize the hard work and effort of the local breweries and their employees.  Keep checking back here for beer reviews throughout the week.

Riverlands Brewing Company: Pastry Power Blueberry Crumble (6% ABV)

First up this week, we have a fruited sour from Riverlands Brewing Company out of St. Charles.  Riverlands has only been open for two years and they have recently grabbed my attention.  Having sampled several of their hazy and DDH IPA’s, I was very impressed and decided to change it up with a sour.  Sours are not a beer that I drink a lot, HOWEVER, I trusted that Riverlands could produce a quality tasting sour.  The beer itself is a sour brewed with, you guessed it, blueberries, cinnamon, graham crackers, milk sugar and vanilla.  Simply reading all those ingredients got me excited to taste this, so let’s get to the important stuff now! 

The Deets / 108 Beer Rating

Can/Label- 51/80: The label itself was not an eye-catching label loaded with the artwork.  While covered with zoomed-in pictures of blueberries and several shades of blue, the can is a much more subtle look.  The highlight for me was seeing all the details of what was brewed in this beer on the back of the label and was a key motivator for giving this beer a try. 

Appearance- 61/80:  Blueberry Crumble poured out with a very dark blue, almost purple shade into the glass.  I chose to drink this out of a Hop Butcher glass to recognize another local Illinois Craft Brewery for this week.  The pour itself is a lot thicker and darker in color than what I expected for your typical sour.  I would almost describe it as blueberries but in liquid form based on the appearance alone. 

Taste- 71/80:  Holy hell, I was blown away by this one.  As somebody that is not a regular drinker of sours, I was delighted.  You can taste all the notes of each ingredient listed on the can used in the brewing process.  Additionally, you don’t get an overpowering taste of blueberry or overloaded with sour flavors on the palate.  I was pleasantly surprised with how great this beer turned out.  Blueberry Crumble is a perfect dessert or “breakfast” beer based on the different flavors you will experience.  

Overall- 61/80:  As far as sours are concerned, Blueberry Crumble is top-notch.  I will make sure to go back and try the other sours in the Pastry Series from Riverlands Brewing Company after trying Blueberry Crumble.  Sours can be hit-or-miss, and this one was a big hit. This one gets the job done. 

It may not be a power-hitting cleanup batter, but it gets the job done at the Major League level for a long and successful career, which we all hope is the case for the White Sox current 2nd baseman, who also happens to wear number 1.  You can find Blueberry Crumble at the Riverlands taproom or select bottle shops in the Chicagoland area. 

-Brew Hand Luke


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