My Teenage Years are Behind Me

Call your sons. Call your daughters. Call your friends. Call your neighbors. The Big Homie is 20 years old today.

That is right. Twenty trips around the sun for this fellow. Exactly one year from being able to do some legal #108ing.

My birthday week has been fantastic so far. On Tuesday, I went to my first Sox game of the 2021 campaign with my friend Maeve. I met some Sox Twitter greats for the first time: Luke Taylor, Jordan Miller, Mr. Hand, Wally $, Mailman Jack, Quernzy, and Mrs. Beefloaf. I spoke with the trifecta of Beefloaf, Chorizy, and MSS not as a fanboy but as a coworker.

However, the Sox Twitter meetup did not start on Tuesday. The beginning was the day before, on Monday in Burbank with The Man @Disone10. #YAHDOG

I had an excellent time in both Burbank and Chicago. I believe Tuesday was the first time I have been to a baseball game without consuming anything (thanks in part to a basket of onion rings from our friends at BWR). Of course, I concluded the night with one of my favorite leisure activities: A long nighttime drive on the interstate flipping through classic rock stations.

Tonight, my folks and I will go to Fiesta Café in Champaign. Hopefully, the carnitas dish does not put me in food comatose to sleep through the Bears trading up for Justin Fields.

Darrin D. Brown

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