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Today is the day! We’ll be back in the ballpark for the White Sox home opener. That said, when you want to get the low down and you don’t want to read through endless FAQs, you ask your drunk uncles. And since you’ve been asking, we put together some answers for you and we’ve gathered some additional information where we can…

What time do lots and gates open?

Word on the street and by street, I mean this article, is they’ll open 2 hours before the game. As will the lots. Games after the opener will be 90 minutes prior to the game.

I heard there are gate assignments, which one do I use?

The Sox released this chart, which outlines the mapping of section to gate. It will also show on your mobile ticket.

I have a dope FromThe108 gaiter, does that qualify as my mask?

Unfortunately, it does not. You’ll need to wear a mask. Nothing wrong with doubling up though, so we suggest a mask and then the 108 gaiter over it. Don’t try to raw dog a pandemic. Double bag it friends.

Can I bring in my own hand sanitizer?

We checked on this and yes, you can. It needs to be travel sized. Don’t try and bring in a tub of hand sanitizer like you’re gonna bathe in it.

Can we tailgate?

Where do I get beer?!

One of the most important questions. You can get beer at the concession stands. You can also order through the ballpark app. Remember, the park is NO CASH for these games.

Can I bring a bag?

No. Here is the direct quote from the Sox FAQ:

No Bag Policy

Exceptions will be made for medical bags, small clutch purses and diaper bags when infant is present.

Full White Sox FAQ/Guide


Our good friend Brooks Boyer walks you through the park

If you want a quick run down of how it will all work, check out our pal Brooks:

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