The Big Homie’s Favorite #108Tourney Videos

Hello again, all. It is time for #108Tourney recap blog number two. Let us look at my five favorite videos from the 2021 #108Tourney.

1. Cary (@Thatbaseballfan)

After being snubbed in the previous tournament selections, our friend Cary finally made it in the 2021 #108Tourney. He did not disappoint with his selection reaction video, recreating the first scene of Steve Buscemi’s character Danny McGrath from Billy Madison.

2. Jeff the Giant (@SoxofWhite)

Longtime staple of the #108Tourney Jeff the Giant took a now famous tourney concept of beer bongs and gave it his own twist in his matchup against Jimmy Vinicky. Although I will say, being a man of big stature, he may have just been using a regular beer bong that someone like him would make look small.

3. Keelin (@Keelin_Billue)

Making her #108Tourney debut this year, Keelin won her first round matchup against The Soxside Boys before heading into the second round against number one overall seed and eventual champion Summer of George. Keelin impressed us with her content in this round, making a playful smear campaign ad playing on the fact that Summer lives in the state of Texas.

4. Unprotected_Sox (@SoxUnprotected)

For his elite 8 round against Ali White Sox, my fellow 217 friend made a near two-minute-long video of him calling some known members of White Sox Twitter to thin the herd for a potential championship run.

5. Payton (@SoxBearPayton)

No comments necessary. This video rocks. Payton will be much higher than a 14 seed in the 2022 tournament.

#108Tourney recap blog number two is done! Those were my five favorite videos from this year’s tournament. Feel free to share what your favorites from this year’s round of content were.

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