White Sox Miscellaneous Debris [3/22/2021]

Sometimes there are thoughts and stories that fall into the “too long for a tweet” and “too short for a blog or podcast”. That doesn’t mean they’re not interesting, it simply means they normally don’t get from our brains to the internet. As we move into the 2021 season, we wanted to make sure that doesn’t happen. In some cases, this will be 1-2 items and in others much more. We’ll see how the season goes. As for the title, any time I hear “miscellaneous”, I think of the Primus cover album Miscellaneous Debris.

Jimmy Cordero Injury

This is probably going to hurt more than a lot of us initially think. While it may feel like there is a ton of bullpen depth, there needs to be a workhorse guy that can eat innings. The hope is that better starting pitching will lead to less of a tax on the bullpen, but coming off a shortened season where no pitcher threw 100 innings I don’t know that I can agree that starting pitching will go deeper into games consistently. Also, a portion of the starting pitching depth is in the current bullpen. So injuries in the rotation could doubly impact the pen. I’m not making a case for Cordero HOF status, only saying this might hurt more than you think.

Backup Catcher

When the White Sox brought in Jonathan Lucroy, I was definitely underwhelmed by the signing. As we discussed it on the FromThe108 podcast, we all felt that Lucroy was the guy that was there so Zack Collins could look way better than him and make us all feel good about Collins. That has actually happened, but Lucroy might still make the team? Why?

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