#108Tourney 2021 – Betting Odds

The 2021 #108Tourney is brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings.

Thanks to everyone that tuned in on Thursday Night and checked out our #108Tourney Reveal show on YouTube. Whatta great crowd we had for that show and it’s a credit to all of yous out there. It’s still unbelievable to us that this little tournament idea has turned into what it is. It’s humbling to see something you work on all damn year, get this kind of response. We thank you!

Now on to the reason you are here. Our dear friend Sam Panayotovich, who is the host of the Chicken Dinner podcast (you can here mine and Chorizy’s episode HERE) as well as a member of the team over at NESN in Boston, has created betting odds for the #108Tourney. Those odds are below. They are for entertainment purposes only, yada, yada, yada. One thing I LOVE about sending the brackets to Sam is that he immediately checks me on the mistakes he thinks I made in seeding. If you take these gambling odds and hold them up next to the blurry screen shots you can create from our #108Tourney Reveal Show, you’ll notice that the number seeding and odds don’t line up in order. That’s the beauty of it.

Recording an old 108 podcast


See some bets in the field you like? Have some disagreements with these odds or got a couple of best bets from this analysis. Hit the 108ers up on the twitter machine or even let Sam Panayotovich know. Make your voice known!!

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