The Big Homie’s #108Tourney Resume

The #108Tourney Selection Show

Tonight, is the night! The 2021 #108Tourney selection show is on at 8:30 streaming live on YouTube. Your regular trifecta of Beefloaf, Chorizy, and MSS will be joined by section 108’s man of questionable character Mr. Hand and the new #108Tourney chancellor White Sox Dave.

Last year I was one of Beefloaf’s snubs for the tourney.

While being a hair away from making the 2020 tourney was disappointing, it made me hopeful for this year’s tournament. I believe I have made a strong case for this year. Here is my case for having the Big Homie in the 2021 #108Tourney.

The Scholarly Homie

As some of you may know, I am a student at both Parkland College and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While being a part-time UIUC student does not qualify me for the College of Media dean’s list, I am eligible for the dean’s list at Parkland. In each of my three semesters at Parkland, I have been on the dean’s list three times. That is a perfect 3/3! This puts me on a legendary list of three peats with the 90s Chicago Bulls, the 1998-2000 New York Yankees, and the Kobe and Shaq Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully after this Spring 2021 semester I can join the like of the 1970s Montreal Canadiens and the early 1980s New York Islanders with a historic four peat.

The Announcing Homie

Another step forward in my dream career got underway this year. After being told I could not do play-by-play for any Illinois athletic events last year, I got my start with Illinois women’s soccer scrimmages during the Orange and Blue Classic. So far this year I have announced two wrestling meets, two volleyball matches, four soccer scrimmages, and four tennis matches with three more coming this weekend. The #108Tourney is always looking for rising stars, and I am a rising star in the making.

The Sexy Homie

I mean come on.

The Interning Homie

I am the official #108ing intern. How much more needs to be said? If you go back to my internship application, you will see some of the dirty work I have had to do as a part of this responsibility. It just makes sense to put the Big Homie in the #108Tourney as repentance for what the poor kid has had to endure.

Much like my beloved Fighting Illini, I am looking to make a big splash in the tournament. We will see what the crew has in store for me tonight on the 2021 #108Tourney selection show!

– Darrin D. Brown

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