Brew’s Review: Mikerphone Brewing – Smells Like Bean Spirit Double Maple

Editor’s Note: We asked our guy Luke to write up some beer reviews after he recited a soliloquy for his 2021 Wild Prediction on the #108Fest – The Hangover Show. We knew he had the chops to write for us. Thanks Luke!

Hello Friends and Fellow Beer Drinkers! Brew Hand Luke (@ltayor_22) back for another beer review. Today’s review comes from Mikerphone Brewing in Elk Grove Village.  The slogan for Mikerphone is “Craft Beer Inspired By Music.”  Nearly every beer in their lineup is titled from a famous song or band.  Two aspects of #108ing combined? Yeeees. Hell Yes!!

Mikerphone / Smells Like Bean Spirit Double Maple (Breakfast Stout / 10.5%)

One beer in particular that they feature is Smells Like Bean Spirit, an ode to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and one of my favorite era’s of music: the 90’s alternative/grunge era.  This breakfast stout is brewed with coffee from Tugboat Coffee in Addison and maple syrup from Mackinac Bluffs Maple Farms in Pure Michigan.  “Here we are now, entertain us…….”

The Deets / 108 Beer Rating

Can/Label- 67/80: Sticking with the music theme, Mikerphone takes the album art from Nirvana’s album “Nevermind” and puts their own twist on it. So you have a giant coffee bean and a jar of maple syrup in place of the swimming baby reaching for a dollar bill.  I love the creativity of this and decided to stick with the theme and rate it a 67 as a tribute to Kurt Cobain who was born in 1967. 

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Appearance- 70/80:  The breakfast stout poured like what you would expect a stout to look like. Immediately I was craving and wanting to chug this beer with double maple syrup like I was Buddy the Elf.  I drank this out of a Chicago Bears pint glass as this is a beer that I can easily get used to having for a noon kickoff on Sundays.  “GO BEARS!!!!”- Ditka 

Ditka Proclaims He's Still Ditka After Suffering A Stroke - The Chicagoist

Taste- 70/80:  Holy shit this is delicious.  The simplest way that I could describe this is as “Liquid Breakfast In a Can.”  You get all the typical tastes of your classic stout and it goes down smooth.  The coffee flavors combined with the maple syrup is a home run.  I had never heard of Tugboat Coffee before having this beer but I will be sure to check them out now with how flavorful it was in this stout.  Doubling the maple syrup did not lead to this version of Smells Like Bean Spirit becoming overloaded on the syrup flavor.

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Overall Score: 70/80: Everything about Smells Like Bean Spirit was a win.  I was tempted to immediately have a second helping of this liquid breakfast in a can as if I was in the scout seats buffet line with the M&M’s guy at a White Sox Sunday day game.  The cost and accessibility of SLBS was the main drawback.  At $18.99 for a 4 pack from the tap room it was on the pricier side but is still worth the drive.  I plan to savor these like Chorizy savors his luscious ponytail and really appreciate what I have.  You may also be able to find single cans available at local bottle shops for an average price of $5 per can.

-Brew Hand Luke

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