The 5 – The 6 Best Fan Cutouts from #108Day

Editor’s Note: We are 7 Sundays away from our first LIVE REGULAR SEASON #SundaySoak. In honor of that, Here’s a sneak peak of what you have to look forward to this season.

I know, I know. The 5 is supposed to be 5 things, but today you get one extra. And when you see them, you’ll know why. I recently picked up all of the #108Day fan cutouts from Speed Pro – Chicago Loop and they look magnificent. Reminder, we sold these for $50 a pop, we donated $36 from every purchase. Our grand total donated with the Mystery Sticker purchases was…

So fucking happy…..Sean S.

I smile every fucking time I see this. It’s got all the things. Crazy promo shirt. Thumb up. A can of Sun Crusher from Rev Brewing. Plus this motherfucker has been LEID! I also like that he is holding whatever he wore to the game cause he saw that shirt and was like “I need to wear this NOW”. This is awesome Sean!

Brand New Hairstyle…..Noah A.

108 OG Noah sent this in and I about fell outta my chair. I didn’t know it was possible to capture 2020 in a single picture, but my man did it! I assume his lovely lady Jen helped too, but this is stupendous. He’s getting the garage cut using a towel, but I like to think Noah has a bathrobe that is brown and maybe has a puppy or a mug of coffee on it. Maybe it says “Don’t talk to me before my coffee” We can all dream right? He also reminds me of Eraserhead.

Image result for eraserhead

Extreme Closeup…..Slim Mick.

I wanna go on record by saying that I had ZERO idea the crop of this would make our buddy Slim Mick look like this. He sent me a few images, all awful, so this was the only one that really worked. I can’t wait to be scared by this image and drop a deuce in the #Soak.

Ladies Man…..Wally$.

Not sure how this comes off to the general public, but to me, it just shows how serious Wally is about taking selfies. That face. Those eyes. Now, I replaced the fine lady in this pic with Legendary Adult Actress Savannah, who unbeknownst to me is one of Wally’s favorites. I was worried that the print house was gonna ask about this one, but they didn’t! So professional!

Calm. Cool. Collected……Matt C.

Retro sweatshirt? CHECK. Fabulous beard? CHECK. Dope Hat / Sunglasses Combo? CHECK / CHECK. What more do you need? NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. Kudos Matt.

Everyone’s Favorite Trainwreck……On Tap Sports Net.

I don’t know how to say this, but Anna Nicole (all versions) have a very large, soft spot in the hearts of the 108 fellas. Big ups to OTSN for their donation, but they must have been too busy to send in a pic for their cut out. So I made this up for them. I couldn’t imagine not having Anna Nicole (#108ING HOF / 2nd Class) in the #SundaySoak with us! Thanks for the donation guys!

So there you go! 6 of the best submissions that you will see this season in the #SundaySoak. There are 44 more, so plenty of surprises to come!


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