The White Sox NEED the Twins!!!

Okee dokee

I’m always up for writing a blog upon request, especially when it was something I already had on my brain. However, I’ll be honest, I don’t think I remember Rocky 3 that good, was that the one with Clubber Lang? Was ThunderLips in that shits? I forget.

Regardless, I think I get the point. What we got here is an old fashioned rivalry. As much as a good chunk of my brethren and sisthren (that’s probably not a word) in White Sox fandom wanted the team to sign enough talent to run away and hide with the division, you knew that shit wouldn’t happen. Maybe it shouldn’t.


It wasn’t that long ago that people were talking like this about the White Sox….

Then the Twins started to do their thing….

As of this moment, Fangraphs, which is about the only site that is publicly displaying anything close to team and standings projections. They are wonky, but here’s what they gots right now.

YMMV when it comes to early, early projections….

Let’s find out what our friends at Pointsbet think….PROMO CODE: 108ing

Estimated No-Vig is for entertainment purposes, sometimes the favorites carry much more vig than the underdogs, which would imply worse probability for our White Sox, for now, I am equally distributing the vigorish.

AL Central Divisional betting markets give the White Sox some breathing room, but as someone that put some zeros into their net worth betting on stuff, I can give you a couple tree reasons why you shouldn’t be that comfortable about it. Futures markets just aren’t that efficient. You’ll see the BeefLoaf often bringing in betting odds from games to help quantify probabilities and futures bets can do that, just not as good as game lines. These markets lack depth, have significant vigorish and shade towards public teams. That being said, we should still include them in our analysis.

*Sighs deeply*

Maybe we need the anguish. Maybe we need the anxiety Maybe we thirst for a rival. Maybe it’s innate in us. The story is much more important then the result sometimes. Maybe we need a running mate. Maybe we need an equal. You can’t have He-Man without Skeletor, no Cady Heron without Regina George…you get the picture.

As long as this competitive window don’t end like this……


In the end, I think the White Sox are primed and ready to be the Bird to the Twins Magic, they sure as fuck better be, because as previously mentioned, they have a lot of winning to do to catch up to even. Part of me just thinks you only really feel accomplished when it’s completed versus a worthy adversary. It’s time.


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