MLB Playoff Picks: MySoxSummer vs. Neighborhood Kid O and Sister vs Sister

We all decided to do our picks for the playoffs. Beef and Chorizy put a Nuke Laloosh jersey on the line. MySoxSummer has decided to put his number crunching 11 year-old neighbor kid to the test. What’s on the line? Nothing. Just bragging rights and possibly MSS getting beat down by all the internet clowns (WhiteSoxSal leading the cause) when he loses to an 11 year-old.

The Summer daughters wanted in too, so they made their brackets. Lil’ Miss Shortstop believes in her team, White Sox. While her sister followed her dad’s lead and took the Braves. What’s on the line there? Maybe an extra treat or an additional TV show. The winner deserves something nice!

MySoxSummer Picks

Neighbor Kid Picks

Lil Miss Shortstop

Lil Sis Summer

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