The Daniel Palka Issue.

Last week, 108 Friend King Mac posted this nugget –

When the subject of Daniel Palka gets brought up, I might take it a little more personal than most. Dan and his family are awesome and have always been great to us in the 108. Maybe I should just let these things go, but I can’t.  I have no issue with what Mac said, but the thing is, in 2018, Daniel Palka lead the team with 27 homers. Not only that, but he did it on a shoestring budget. His value in 2018 was far greater than his cost. In 2019 Palka made about $570k and he struggled.  In 2020, Nomar is making $5.5 million and struggling.  I think it’s an unfair comparison, no way these two players should be judged on the same level. The expectations are not (and shouldn’t be) the same. But that’s just me…

There were a few fun responses to this tweet, including our guy Josh Nelson saying this –

Thanks homie and I 100% agree. But there was one guy who really stood out to me.  This dude –

So I said this –

This is an aspect of the socials I don’t really like.  You gotta be so far in either direction on a view and ALWAYS be right. In this case, so right that you need to dislike something that is overwhelmingly positive! That’s fucking stupid (not you Brennan, but rather that type of attitude). This guy is basically saying while Dan is leading his favorite team in homers, he still wasn’t a fan.  WHAT?  This is how it goes for me- “I wasn’t the biggest fan of (ANY PLAYER NAME HERE) but I was a fan when (ANY PLAYER NAME HERE) was helping my team win.”  I mean, how can you not be?  So Brennan responded –

Which I responded with “I liked watching him hit homers”.  I think in 2018, a low salary guy hitting 27 dingers is pretty much as good as sliced bread. That’s my take. But that’s not all!

I think if you listen to any of our podcasts early in 2019 we all thought he was underperforming (which I am sure he did too) and was having a bad year.  Which he most certainly was.  I will also say that he was given a more than fair chance (from our perspective anyways) to make the adjustments.  He didn’t and he was sent down.  I think the 108 (and the White Sox) were more than fair with their treatment of Palka.  So no, we didn’t blindly defend him.  So there ya go Brennan. Case closed, but then this guy pipes up –

My brain started to hurt.  This person just joined Twitter in August 2020 and had less than 100 followers. I don’t respond to people that have less than 100 followers.  I do that because it keeps the trolls outta my feed. So I asked one of my followers to follow him so he’d hit 100.  My guy DiscoDemolished put him to 100.  Then I decided that I should just write this blog rather than give away all this fun on the Twitters.

First, how embarrassing?  GTFOH. Not every MLB ROY has a hall of fame career.  It’s who did the best that year vs who will do best EVERY year.  Plus DP wasn’t gonna win that award anyways.  He had a 1 vote. So GFY.

Second, a fluke?  Sure.  There are all sorts of flukes in baseball.  Last year folks were like TA7 isn’t gonna perform like this the whole season.  Then he did.  Said he’d take a step back this year.  Then he didn’t. Jose Abreu shouldn’t be having this season either, but he is.  Both are flukes.  2005 ALCS. Our pitching.  100% a fluke.  I could even say that the 2019 Palka season was a fluke, but I don’t wanna blow this person’s mind. 

Well, then it got a little personal –

Yup. Giving you more followers is me having people do a hit.  Come on.  I am NOT scared, as this blog clearly shows. Rather, I had alot to say (to 2 people no less) so a blog seemed like a better idea.  Also, thanks for calling yourself a troll.  I think owning up to that is great.  The “alcoholic bitch” part is just insensitive, but at least you’ve been paying attention.

Now, I didn’t respond to this fast enough so this got blasted quick –

I’m not a Twitter expert by any means, but I don’t think you can select who follows you with a public account.  I bet you have plenty of “ass clown losers” following you.  I’m sure I do, but as a “full blown alcoholic” that is my base.  Sorry for calling you “a guy”, thinking you were a dude.  That was my bad, but again, as a “full blown alcoholic” you gotta give me a little break.  BUT telling me to GFY is EXCELLENT.  Glad you have been paying attention to “our little thing” out in these Twitter streets. #Cheers

In conclusion, not liking the 2018 Daniel Palka performance cause of the 2019 Daniel Palka performance is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  I’ve heard much dumber, but this was pretty dumb IMO.  It’s ok to like 2018 and not like 2019. Not a single person will think you aren’t smart at baseball for thinking that. I’m pretty sure Daniel Palka didn’t like his results in 2019 either.  Thanks for bringing this up King Mac, it’s good to have these discussions. Go Sox!


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