Sunday Soak 7/18/2020 plus Extra Questions….

The Sunday Soak

Your Unanswered Questions


Chorizy: I think of the three 108ers, I could convince Beef to help me kill MSS because of his delicious marbling. My problem is that as I fall asleep with a full belly, Beef is still looking for that second entree and I’m gone. The wives definitely kill him though. Out of them, it’s gotta be Mrs. BeefLoaf since she has home field advantage.

MSS: I am only afraid of Mrs. BeefLoaf as I am 100% sure she’s killed before and would do it again.

BeefLoaf: Chorizy has survived hanging out with some of the most notorious characters Bridgeport has to offer, 0% chance loses this.

Tony Rocco

Chorizy: Since they currently have 6 starters on the roster, we can definitely be upset with the 2 of them that couldn’t get the job done.

MSS: I am sure Sox fans will be 100% understanding and show tons of compassion.

Summer of George

BeefLoaf: Anytime fam, you hook it up and send one through, you know I’ll throw that shit on. It would help though if it was like a couple sizes too small, so I look like Scotty from Boogie Nights wearing it.

Sultan of Clout

MSS: I’m not sure if anyone knows this but I used to live in California. I played alot of softball. I am not fast, as my size would show. But I did get a few hits a game. Anytime they would move me in the lineup, I’d fuck up. So to be clear, I have no idea.

MSS: If Sunday counted, I have already won.

Luke Taylor

MSS: $85 Sox. $5 Bears. $5 Bulls. $5 Blackhawks. Right now. As a kid Bulls would be way higher.

BeefLoaf: $75 Sox. $25 Bears.

Pete Chapman

MSS: Oney Guillen

Lori Ann Sanders

MSS: Here’s the thing about life, sometimes you take a chance and it works out. Sometimes it takes a giant dump on your lawn. Would I like Kopech pitching? FUCK YES. However, I highly doubt anyone will be complaining when we have that extra year of control down the road.


MSS: Tough one. But I will go with Chorizy as best flow.


AC Green

BeefLoaf: We haven’t actively worked on it….YET. MySoxSummer is always good with landing quality guests, surprised other blogs haven’t tried to steal him away yet.

Liam Menus

MSS: I think I am the only one in my house that knows what a lint trap is.

Showtime Samm

BeefLoaf: McCann is a free agent in the off-season, so I think he’s lox.

Ted Brogan

BeefLoaf: It would probably be that lost Saturday where everyone split up day drinking, then got back together to NOT attend the game and watch it at a bar and varying results occurred for everyone, including Chorizy and I being done for the night at 8:30pm

Wet Bandit

Chorizy: Flying Elvis view or George Jacobs’s lap. Only two other reasonable options.


BeefLoaf: UNDER, but not by much…I think this is the year that Eloy refines his hitting, shows slightly less power, but more average and discipline and becomes the complete hitter we all think he can be #PrayForTheLeague

Matt Berklan

Chorizy: There’s a Papa John’s on Taylor Street. I get irrationally mad about that existing.


Chorizy: BeefLoaf was always willing to get in the batter’s box like Don Baylor and get beaned. That’s our only hope, so I’ll go BeefLoaf.

MSS: BeefLoaf. BUT after drinking 12 beers we’d be distracted and head to The Pink Monkey.

Joey P

MSS: God I hope so.

Certifiably Sub-Par

BeefLoaf: In order, Abreu, Jimenez, Encarnacion, Moncada, Robert, Grandal, Anderson, Mazara

Simeon F

Chorizy: First top 10 MLB prospect to leave the sport to become a professional wrestler.

Hangry FC

MSS: Mark “Chief” Salas.

Jason Hosking

MSS: Pretty amazing huh? I don’t swear around my kids EVERY FUCKING DAY. I can do it, but it’s still amazing.

Aaron FitzMagic

Chorizy: I would eat guinea pig, but I’ve been told I cannot eat BeefLoaf and Bonita’s guinea pig.

MSS: No. Double no if I have no idea what it is.

Scott Garcia

BeefLoaf: All tree of us have access to the 108 account, but in the history of the account is probably manned 70% me, 20% Chorizy, 10% MSS or something like that…in the early days when we tweeted a lot from this account, it was mostly me. None of us control the @108Morton account, all I’ll say is I know who does and they do a great job with it!

MSS: The best 108 tweets are the ones that start out with “I think…”

Iowa White Sox Fans

MSS: I can’t get these guys to go to Sterling. Guessing Iowa is way outta the question.

BeefLoaf: Like Jack Klumpus riding in Cadillac’s, I’ve been to Iowa, hundreds of times, thousands of times….I mean, my old lady is from there and we ain’t been back in a bit, so I could see me doing it in the next couple tree years.



MSS: The Big Hurt.

Señor Sox

Chorizy: The logo was the more fucked up thing in their organization. They’re still seemingly phasing that out. If the name change helps that along, go for it. There are some cool Cleveland Spiders logos floating around, might be a good call back to a crazy story of the worst team in baseball history.

MSS: I could give a fuck. I miss Chief Illiniwek but the book is closed IMO.

Preacher Abe

Chorizy: I’ve seen about 20 players spitting over the course of the last few games. Probably not a good idea, but definitely not just Timmy.

Johnny Shoes

Chorizy: I initially thought JD, because that would be a tremendous add in RF. But I have to go with Mark Buehrle. Adding his 2005 season to any roster improves them by 4-5 wins.

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