White Sox Rivals

Hey guys! It’s your friend with questionable character here to piss off a certain portion of the fan base.


What is a rival? According to a Google search on the word rival it is a “person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity”. This search led to me also looking up the term rivalry. A rivalry is “competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field”.


I looked these words up because there has been a lot of talk about rivals lately, especially some takes that make no sense to me.


The Cubs are NOT a rival. The Twins, Indians, Tigers, and Royals are rivals. Just accept it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want the Sox to beat them, I want them to beat everybody, so quit with the meatball takes and look at the bigger picture.

Try and look at this with a clear mind. Are the Sox rivals with the Milwaukee Brewers? No! You want to know why? Because they are in a different league, let alone division. Now some of you will say that the Cubs and Sox are competing in the same city for the same attention. While this is true it does not make them a rival. A rival to me is someone, in this case a team, that your success or failure directly impacts your standing.  As an example, do the New York Yankees consider the New York Mets a rival? No, they view the Red Sox as their chief rival. Why? Because that is who they have to beat to give themselves a much better chance to make the playoffs.


There are indisputable mathematics involved in this assertion. If the White Sox win or lose a game to the Cubs, what is the direct impact to the standings in the division? It is one game. If the White Sox win or lose a game against a division foe what is the direct impact in the standings? It is a two game swing. The White Sox would either gain or lose a game while the opponent would gain or lose a game dependent on the score of the game.

While I understand that fans want to have bragging rights about beating the Cubs, isn’t it more satisfying to have the World Series trophy? It certainly was for me. That was something that we were able to hang over their heads from the end of the 2005 World Series to 2016. Of course, people may not realize this because it seems some outlets (cough ESPN cough) seemed to forget the White Sox actually won a World Series.


As a fan of a team about to have its greatest decade, be ready. Success breeds success. The constant winning will be the greatest tonic. By the end of the decade the White Sox will own this city and will help people forget all about the little blue north side teddy bear stepchildren of Chicago.

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