Goose Island’s White Sox Golden Ale – A 108 Review

So last week we recorded 3 quick-ass podcasts discussing 3 subjects (1 each). Listen to them right here, here and here. Because we are friends with the good folks at Goose Island, we had the opportunity to be some of the first people to drink some of the BRAND SPANKING NEW White Sox Golden Ale! We got the retail 12pks and we even unboxed it live on Twitter! Cause the kids love that!

Now, they had this beer at SoxFest 2020 (draft only), but I was told the retail is a little different. So I was amped up to pop my WS/GA cherry with the boys.

1st Beer

Wow. Now, this beer is different than what I had at SoxFest. It’s similar, no doubt, but there was a sweetness on the draft version that isn’t in the can version. It’s as I described it on the unboxing, it is a beer flavored beer. It’s like a good domestic tastes just like a beer should. Solid A+

2nd Beer

See “1st Beer” review.

3rd Beer

See “1st Beer” review.

4th Beer

Folks, I have drank 3 beers pretty quickly, still going down smooth.

5th Beer

Folks, I have drank 4 beers rather quickly, going down like a whore in church. That’s that old children’s tale from the sea right?

6th Beer

My, my, my, aye-aye, whoa! M-m-m-my Sharona! This beer is fucking great!

7th Beer (Final Beer)

Hell yeah! I’m feeling great. At a 5% ABV this stuff is crushable and easy drinking. I’m liking the 7th as much (if not more) than the 1st and that is saying something. And I think it really speaks to the drinkability if all of us almost drink 24 of these in 3 hours. We like to drink and can put them down like a mofo, but a case in that short of time (while recording) is really special. So if you like beer that tastes like beer, get some of this if you can find it! It’s sold out everywhere but rest assured they are making a shitload so all us Sox fans can enjoy some great fucking beer watching some great fucking baseball. Right? RIGHT!


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