White Sox Prop Bets with Sam Panayotovich

If you haven’t listened to episode 50 of the FromThe108 podcast, you need to get your ass in there, it’s nearly 4 hours of fun with Sam Panayotovich, this wide ranging conversation covers lots of Chicago Media, White Sox history and other hijinx, but for me, personally, the most fun part of the podcast was the prop bets.  If any of yous are looking to make your way in the wonderful world of Chicago or OTHER Media, take a note from Sam’s page.  He’s going on a goofy podcast that we host, but instead of just resting on his laurels and knowledge of the White Sox or media, he puts in a ton of time devising the list of props below.

BEFORE we get to thems and you can pick through the ones you likes or don’t likes.  We bet on these……now, the bets have 2 caveats, the gray shaded longshot bets don’t count in the result because they’ll greatly skew any result if the come in.  ALSO, we are basing this on ending ROI & Bankroll, not just bets won.  Winning a +160 bet vs winning a -195 bet ain’t da same ting.  And we finna measure this correctly.  Enough of this shit, let’s get on with the bets.

SAM (aka the HOUSE) vs the 108ers – We are going to take the median 108 result, which is the one in the middle, for example if MSS kills it and mines stink and are the worst, then Chorizy’s picks would go against Sam.  You got it.  Anyways we bet full bore promotion of the other ones event for the loser.


Beef vs Chorizy – I originally suggested a $500 bet, but Chorizy upped the ante with the loser paying for dinner for us and the wives at Bavette’s 


Beef vs MSS – Standard mustache bet, ONE FULL WEEK…that should work out great for everyone.


Chorizy vs MSS – A Nickel Bag


Now on to the bettages, I included the great Sumer of George as he also made selections….

Sammy P Props

Like a particular prop bet or two from the group, hit us up on twitter with your thoughts.


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