#108Tourney Bubble Talk

Hey all! It’s your favorite questionable character here. Let me start by saying Happy New Year to all and I hope 2020 is everything we hope it can be, especially for our favorite team on the South Side.

Aloha Mr Hand

As I continue my analysis of the 2020 Twitter tournament, I have to take a step back and take a look at the field from 2019 and see if there are cases of people not pulling their wait and possibly being on the “bubble”. As I have stated before I am NOT on the tournament selection committee and have no input into the selections and bracketing, so take these articles however you want since I’m sure the committee will be #108ing when the final selections are made. I do believe that there will be a selection show streamed live, so stay tuned for that. With that said, Let’s go!

Let’s start by looking at the grid from last year:


As I take a cursory look there are a few who immediately stand out and for a variety of reasons. The bubble candidates, as I see them, are listed below with the reasoning for  each.


1. The Slumpbuster – A #7 seed in the 108 Region and an OG member of the 108. It seems that he has disappeared off of the face of the earth. Has ANYONE 108 2020 Tourney Bubble Personalities heard ANYTHING from him? Is he still alive? If you want to be in this tourney you have to earn it, and frankly Slumpbuster isn’t pulling his weight! He better get back in the game, and fast.

2. Jeff The Giant – A #7 seed in the SuperFan Region last year had a recent incident that calls into question his ability of carrying the responsibility of being in this tourney. For those who were unaware of what happened Jeff recently went on a trip to Hawaii. On the last night of the trip he went out to dinner and tweeted a picture of a menu listing a tomahawk steak, questioning whether or not he should order it. Now his rationale for not ordering it has merit, he was flying back home the next day and was a little concerned about when he would need to take care of business. Up to this point I can understand the rationale, but it was his next statement that really calls him into question. He mentioned ordering a salad. A SALAD? He didn’t even order the BIG SALAD, which is a salad only bigger with more stuff. A #108er does not ORDER A SALAD! This is a failure of major proportions. He has some work to do to get back into the good graces of the selection committee, but he is also a fan of Tim Hortons and that counts for a lot.


3. Ike Johnson – One of the two #13 seeds in the Wally$ three-way last year. Ike has basically fallen in love and moved in with a woman. I know that his friends Zack Sherwood (The other #13 seed in the Wally$ three-way) and Keir, a #14 seed in the 108 bracket, miss their friend since he no longer goes to games or goes out drinking with the boys.


4. James Fegan – A #6 seed in the Celebs region. He refused to acknowledge his entry in this tourney and was the only person that did not even bother tweeting about it. This is an honor that should not be summarily ignored or dismissed.


5. White Sox Sal – A #15 seed in the SuperFan region. I do not think he is really in trouble, but he needs to work on pissing off MSS more.


6. SoxOn35th – A #2 seed in the Blogger / Podcast region. I looked back and the last podcast I see from them was in November, and August before that. With all of the recent news you cannot put out a Podcast? Hard to be in this region if you’re a podcast that isn’t podcasting.


7. ChiSox Weekly – A #11 seed in the Blogger / Podcast region. The last podcast was on August 29, 2019, and it was about the Charlotte Knights. With all of the recent news you cannot put out a Podcast? Hard to be in this region if you’re a podcast that isn’t podcasting.


That is all I have for now. It’s time for me to wrap this up and do some #108ing. In case
you’re asking I will be enjoying a pizza with some Jack Daniels Sinatra Select!

-Aloha Mr. Hand

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