The Alter-Egos of MySoxSummer

MySoxSummer is one of my favorite people on the planet. And one great thing about him is that on multiple occasions, he has let me convince him he should shave down to a mustache. I love it, he hates it. But he does it, because he’s awesome. However, each time is a little different. And each version makes me think I am looking at a different person. So come take a journey through the mind of Chorizy-E and see what I see when I see my friend mustachioed.

Rodney St. James

Current Profession: Great White guitar tech

How people know him: The gateway between groupies and the band

Likes: Snacks, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Dislikes: People who confuse Great White and Whitesnake, the man, and indoor pyrotechnics

Officer David Thomas

Current Profession: Loss Prevention Specialist at Farm & Fleet

How people know him: Lot of questionable Facebook posts

Likes: Andrew Vaughn’s walkup music

Dislikes: The rap music and Wendy’s

Ricky Wilson

Current Profession: Part-time Jet Ski Instructor, Full-time Flag Football Legend

How people know him: Your mom’s first husband and hopefully not your biological father

Likes: Hot summer days, Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers, and righteous babes

Dislikes: Your mom giving him shit about his camper being parked on her street


Current Profession: Unknown

How people know him: You somehow see him at every concert you go to, even ones out of town

Likes: Free smokes and/or cocaine

Dislikes: When the house lights turn on


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