Carrying A Torch Vs. New & Exciting

This video. This fucking intro. So beloved. But by everyone? Since my first blog this is something that the fans on message boards complained about since it went away many years ago. Video, the diamond Sox patch on the away greys and the tuxedo stripe on the black pants. Some of the guys on those sites never wanted change. They still don’t. Even if it is at the expense of making something better.

Side Note – I got into a verbal spar with a guy on Twitter whose name escapes me. I feel it was good natured, I hope he feels the same. He was hearkening back to the days when “things were better for the fan”. Of the 5 or 6 things he mentioned all of them STILL EXIST in some form or fashion. Half Price Ticket Monday, sadly has been eliminated, but replaced with half price tickets for pretty much every game in the corner sections. In that case, it got better!

Twitter seems to be kinda split, but I would be willing to bet that age plays a huge role in who likes and dislikes this video. And don’t get me wrong, I like the video. I am also old. The song blows, but whatever. I am also a huge fan of Thunderstruck, but can fully understand why that can go away too.

Listen, I am a student of the past too, I appreciate traditions. But what I can also understand is not continuing to play a video highlighting a World Championship from 15 years ago. Yup, 15 years. That would be akin to the Bears still celebrating the ’85 Bears in an intro video they did in 1986. Can you imagine that? Hell no. They focus on the new guys, as they should.

So what do I suggest? Creating an intro that highlights what we do have, not what we had. Now, we are early in the story of this team, but let’s set the stage. Believe it or not, there has been some pretty notable things that have happened since 2005. Let’s focus on the future in our dugout rather than the old guys who (aside from 1 team) failed to win the big one. #ShotsFired

Let’s highlight Jose Abreu. Let’s highlight Tim Anderson, Bat flips are tough and cool bro. Let’s showcase the Hot Cuban at the Hot Corner, even if it’s just his dreamy eyes. We have a team that we can be proud of! We should be excited about that. The Sox should be selling that. Which they are, much to the chagrin of KenW.O.

Ok, so let me create an intro video that speaks to the rebuild.

Music under is similar to pirates, just to make the old guys happy!

Vocal – And the White Sox sign Jose Abreu. Show video of Abreu signing and just crushing balls. Cut to –

Vocal – And the White Sox trade Chris Sale for top prospects Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech. Show video of the new guys holding up Sox jerseys. Mike throwing 100 video and Moncada showing his speed. Cut to –

Vocal – Rick Hahn isn’t done yet folks, the White Sox trade Adam Eaton to the Nationals for pitching prospects Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez . Show video of the new guys holding up Sox jerseys, Thowing smoke.

Now, we start some new upbeat music, maybe a rap! Think DMX. Raw, unfiltered. Just like the team. Show Moncada’s debut. Show Abreu’s cycle. Show Kopech debut.

Vocal – Jose Quintana has been traded to the Cubs for top prospects Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease.

Show the debuts for those guys mixed in with Tim Anderson bat flips and big hits. Cut to Tim Anderson saying “Ride with us or get run over”

Show the Gio highlights mixed with Eloy bombs with music building. End with the Eloy homer at Wrigley with Jason’s call. fade to black.

Vocal – The White Sox have signed Yasmani Grandal! Show video of him

Vocal – The White Sox have signed Dallas Keuchel! Show him throwing daggers.

Music starts to fade out, fade to black, PANTHER SOUNDS! Fade in Thunderstruck – bring up a front lit Luis Robert! Holding a bat, ready to fuck shit up! Thunderstruck full throttle. LET’S FUCKING GO!

I wrote that in 15 minutes and I am a stay-at-home dad. I feel like a professional can make something 3k times better given at least a month. Folks, we got a good story arc going here, the future is bright, let’s fucking showcase that. Tell me that wouldn’t get you hyped #AF. I know White Sox Dave could watch that video and not need his Roman Swipes. No longer will Herb Lawrence need to use BlueChew to get a #MajorRager, just watch this video on the YouTube! And maybe, just maybe KenW.O. would get a little chubby going. Trust me, I know things.

So let’s write our OWN story. Let’s make our OWN history. We made some huge bets that we hope payoff, let’s get amped about it. Transfer that passion for the old to the new guys on the field! We finally have multiple reasons to get excited, let’s showcase it!

Don’t like it? Tweet me at @mysoxsummer, I’ll defend it. Have an idea of what you’d like to see? Let me know!


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