12 Days of #108Mas: The Christmas Lie

Last night before I went to bed I saw this tweet from 108 friend and fan @jsram311. Take a look.

Having 2 smalls at my house, I thought about this long and hard. I remember Farmer Matt dropping the news to me, maybe about 4th Grade, maybe before, but he did say “I still tell people I believe in him so I get the gifts.” Smart play sir, I learned alot from him. Still do. And he showcased that every year at my grandma’s house when the doorbell would ring and he’d scream like a little girl “SANTA!”. He did this cause 1 year we had a Santa show up and give us gifts. It was really dope, but only happened one time in my childhood.

Now back to the lies! I wasn’t really bummed out when I found out it was my folks buying stuff. In fact it made more sense that Santa knew excatly what I wanted. I don’t remember when my sister found out, but I didn’t tell her. She had to learn that hard truth on her own. Plus, I didn’t need another reason for my mom to get mad at me. She had a full clip of stuff to break out at anytime, more ammo was not necessary.

I took a step back to examine why we tell my kids that Santa brings them stuff and honestly I just think it’s because it is kinda fun to dream. We let our kids play with toys which feature animals talking, kids saving adults and even monkey’s who are NOT shitting all over the house or ripping the faces off of humans. So why is it ok to think that Marshall can actually stop Mayor Humdinger but godforbid some fat dude in the North Pole can’t be Santa?

The worlds harsh, I get that. Kids should know the truth, but they gots plenty of time to figure that out. Is it really necessary to kill the spirit of Christmas right out the gate? I understand that the lie is still a lie, but I don’t buy into the “I’m working hard for the gifts so I need to get credit” theory. Or even that your child knows what that means. Maybe they do, who knows! That whole deal seems pretty selfish to me, but what do I know? I’ve been in a pretty decent life place my whole life. I didn’t get everything I wanted, but I always got what I needed. Plus there is short shelf life for that lie. Some day your kid will come to you and ask and you can get all the brownie points then. Cash them in maybe when you need them.


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