108 Bracketology November 2019

Hey all! It’s your favorite questionable character here with a new position and a new series. I have been named the official 108 Bracketologist. As such, it is my duty to bring you updates leading into the @fromthe108 Twitter personalities tournament. When approached with this lofty task and title I threw some ideas out to the tournament selection committee about how to do this, and they were enthusiastically on board. I will also add I am NOT on the tournament selection committee, so take these articles however you want. So here we go.


I think that the very obvious way to start this is to ask the question, can anyone unseat the two-time champion @barstoolWSD (White Sox Dave)? It has been a rough year for Dave.


There is the infamous storming of the ballpark after Machado signed with San Diego. His plan was to chain himself to the championship monument. He showed up at the park with a handful of fans, where he was met by the police and DID NOT chain himself to the monument. There was also the well-publicized dressing down by Dave Portnoy on Satellite Radio regarding a story about Luis Robert being a 30 – 30 man, when someone else accomplished it a day before Robert did. Who can forget the mousetraps in his apartment or the proclamation that the White Sox would be a competitive team in 2020 because they will be playing the Yankees in the Field of Dreams game? All in all, a rough year for Dave, who I consider a friend. With all of that being said, is this the year that Dave faces a serious challenge and possibly loses his title? He has been the #1 seed for the past two years and has won each round by a comfortable margin.


In my humble opinion Dave is very vulnerable. I think he can survive an early challenge, but I believe he can be challenged starting in the Sweet 16. In looking at the possible field, with people I would believe will be selected, the following are possible candidates that I think will not only challenge Dave but may have the backing and game to knock him off:




Steve has been bringing the heat, from his Twitter tagline Southside Clown Show, to his excellent articles for various sites. He recently joined the @fromthe108 hot dog challenge 100 dog club, a lofty feat that only two other men have accomplished. He has made appearances on the 108, Chi Sox Weekly, and Sox in The Basement podcasts. He is a man of strong conviction who is not afraid to express his well thought out opinion on the team.


Juan Uribe’s Cup


The man who always brings the humorous view of things. He is named after one of the most unique Sox players who was renowned for his off the field bat as well as its associated usage who is unafraid to put his opinion out. He is the guy who usually has the closing question for the Sunday Soak during the season, which is a huge distinction.




Wally is an ambassador for the 108, in name and actions. I challenge anyone to try and keep up with him on a sox homestand weekend or go on a road trip with him. He does #108ing on a legendary level and mere mortals can only stand and watch in awe.


He recently appeared on the 108-podcast talking about his adventures in Seattle, where he spread the religion of the 108 while also being open to meeting Jeff The Giant as well as Jace Fry and his family. One thing that you will notice in the people I have named; they all contribute to the 108 or live the #108ing lifestyle. Does this mean that one of these fine gentleman will knock Dave off? Of course not. The tourney is a few months away and several factors can change between now and then. Do you think you are up to the challenge of taking Dave down? Then make sure you bring the heat on Twitter and making sure that you are copying @fromthe108 and using the hashtag #108tourney or #108ing.


-Aloha Mr. Hand

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