Section 108 $1 Hot Dog Leaderboard – UPDATE September 11th

Good day friends, this is the final update of which you can make any impact.  The tallies that include September 11th, which was quite a day at the ballpark this year as your boys got to invite Brooks Boyer on to their podcast from a Suite overlooking GRF.   Today is your LAST CHANCE in 2019 to gobble all the $1 wieners you can get your hands on.  Here is the updated leaderboard…….

Dollar Dog Sept 11th

Both Matt Nom-Nom-Nommensen and NWI Steve have etched their names in infamy by crushing over 100 #dollardog this season.  A third man, Bill Demantes is a shoe-in for getting to the triple digit milestone.  These are gigantic numbers kids.  An amazing job done by all.  A fourth candidate, Sumer of George is 25 hot dogs away from 100.  Now, eating 25 #dollardog on the last day would not only crush the single game high held by Matt Nom-Nom-Nommensen, but it would also have Sumer of George potentially risking the functionality of some of his vital organs, so if you happen to read this, float him a friendly message on twitter to get him to try and make HISTORY happen.

Remember, the rules to enter during the next $1 Hot Dog Wednesday at White Sox Park…

1 Snap a picture of those beautiful wieners


2 Tag @whitesox & possibly at least in your top 100 White Sox twitter follows @fromthe108

3 Use a hashtag #dollardog

4 Make sure to give a final tally of how many dogs your ingested.

Yep, it’s that fucking easy, here is the king doing it absolutely perfectly…..

$1 dolla


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