Oktoberfest Beer (still) Sucks. #Confirmed

Over the weekend we in the 108 had a most excellent time at the ChiSox Craft Beer Fest. It was fucking dope and extra special thanks to Mike, Erin and Gareth for allowing us to spread the 108 gospel to thousands of craft beer loving White Sox fans. Not sure if you guys have heard our interview with Brooks Boyer (We were in a suite, well taken care of by Julie! Also, Mike and Erin joined us too) but you should check it out. In that podcast I stated that I dislike Oktoberfest beers. But my plan was to give every brewer that brought one, a chance to try and change my mind. So that is exactly what I did. Extra special thanks to my wife who did all this awesome photography.

I even made a sign!

During my walk of the concourse I was booed (which was expected) and some folks even threw beer on me (wasn’t expecting that, but that type of beer abuse is exactly what I expect from a person who enjoys Oktoberfest beers). But then, shockingly, I seemed to get a buncha thumbs up from other beer drinkers that detest the Oktoberfest brews. And no joke, they were all lovely people. I took some pics with them.

350 Brewing – Punktoberfest

My first sample was from our friends at 350 Brewing. Now, I give them credit for seeing my sign and saying “Well, we won’t serve you that” but then I let him in on my plan so he poured some of their Punktoberfest in my glass. He didn’t have high hopes and neither did I.

Same as every fucking other Oktoberfest beer I have ever had. Now listen, if you like this style, they have a fantastic beer. Great flavor and whatnot. But there is just something about the Marzen that is offensive to me. The Howdy Neighbor Blueberry Kolsch was fantastic. The guys that started this brewery also went to NIU, so support the shit outta them, they rock.

Banging Gavel – Civil Code

Now these guys basically tackled me and forced me to drink their beer. They held out the 4pk of Civil Code (their Oktoberfest offering) and assured me that I would love their version. Well….

I did NOT like it. Again, through no fault of theirs, if you like that style drink it up. Thanks for being a good sport guys! Check their beers out here.

Buckle Down Brewery – Oktoberfest

I talked to Vikki pre-event and she was really excited to have me try their offering. Well…..

BEFORE I even drank the beer she was all over me busting balls like a mofo. Then I had a sip….

She was hella nice even when I said that I didn’t like it. I love Buckle Down as they make great beer. Huge fan of Belt And Suspenders, a 7% ABV American IPA. It’s crisp and excellent. So pick some of that up.

Revolution Brewing – Oktoberfest

The lady ran into the concourse to give me this sample! They weren’t even serving it that day! Outstanding. That says something. Now, I love Rev, I love their IPA’s, the porters, the stouts. Would I love the Oktoberfest?

It was pretty meh. Just like every Oktoberfest beer. Mind not changed.

Shortfuse Brewing – Stein-toberfest

I had never had a beer from Shortfuse and this is the exact reason these festivals are so important. You get to try alot of new stuff for pretty cheap. So I saddled up towards the end of the event and had their Marzen offering….

Nope, didn’t like it. Was crafted well, good flavor, but the flavor isn’t my bag. Now, they had another offering there that was getting talked about like crazy. Bear-ie White. American Pale Wheat brewed with 120 lbs of Haribo Gummy Bears. Holla! It was delish as you can imagine. It cleansed my pallet of all the nasty Marzen that I had just drank and got me ready to taste my final beer of the day…..

Illuminated Brew Works – Kopra ka Tokra Stout

I mean, goddamn. Everyone was talking about this stout. Our beer guy Tommy was basically blowing it in the tasting glass and for good reason. This shit was badass. An 11% double imperial stout that just tasted awesome. I was set.

So what have we learned? Well, if you like Oktoberfest brews, they basically all taste the same. At least they do to me, a guy who dislikes them. We have also learned that any beer brewed with gummy bears is fantatstic.

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Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday! It was awesome to see a bunch of our fans! Our booth was so crowded that we barely got shitfaced. But then we forgot to eat so we did end up shitfaced. It was awesome. Looking forward to seeing all you guys for the final homestand.

We will be recording live with Sox In The Basement from Cork And Kerry at The Park on Thursday Sept. 26th. We’ll let you know when, but show up early and get a good seat!

Thanks to my lovely wife for her help with this blog post! And for all her support thru the entire 2019 season! Couldn’t do this without you!

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