Beef is DISGUSTED with #WhiteSox Twitter

I was going to do this as a One-Hitter (don’t forget to exhale)……


But nah, this requires more fire and brimstone than the usual BeefLoaf poast. Yep, I’m upset at your, the #WhiteSox twittererer and 108 fan. I hear tons of whining and complaining and pissing and moaning about the most mundane bullshit you could every fucking imagine on these twitter streets. The type of stuff that makes me wonder, DID MOMMY LOVE YOU ENOUGH?? However, what I am DISGUSTED about today, has nothing to do with any of that shit. It’s what hasn’t been said……..


As everyone in the free world knows, we had Brooks Boyer as a guest on our podcast #36 (not to brag, but we had a Suite all to ourselves and it was pretty awesome) oh and btw subscribe / rate / review, you animals. At about the 5:30 mark in the podcast, so almost right out of the fucking gate the show has a slight detour as the Cappuccino cart shows up and your heroes ALL ORDERED FUCKING CAPPUCCINOS!!!! Not only that, Chorizy and I had them drop a little Bailey’s in there….and lastly the big homey, the BURLY MAN, MySoxSummer, he even had them drop a little Rum Chata into his cappuccino. When it was happening, it was literally the only part of the podcast that had me worried. We are going to get spanked on twitter for this shit…..and then…..


Nobody called us a single name for our display of civility and grace. Not a single “YOU GUYS ARE SOFT!” Not a single, would you like a little “lemon twist”? Not one Friends reference. It was appalling. We set one perfectly for you and you cocked it all up!!


I want yous to all be better next time.


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