Section 108 $1 Hot Dog Leaderboard – Update August 28th

Good day friends, we are back and ready for the fucking stretch run of the Section 108 $1 Hot Dog Leaderboard. There are just 2 dates (including today) remaining to gobble all the $1 wieners you can get your hands on.  Here is the updated leaderboard, everyone on here is basically just going for high score as most of the top 10 is likely to remain, including both Matt Nom-Nom-Nommensen and NWI Steve easily above 100 dogs for the year.

Dollar Dog Current

Remember, the rules to enter during the next $1 Hot Dog Wednesday at White Sox Park…

1 Snap a picture of those beautiful wieners


2 Tag @whitesox & possibly at least in your top 100 White Sox twitter follows @fromthe108

3 Use a hashtag #dollardog

4 Make sure to give a final tally of how many dogs your ingested.

Yep, it’s that fucking easy, here is the king doing it absolutely perfectly…..

$1 dolla


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