September Call Ups

We’re getting close to September and rosters expanding. So let’s take a look at maybe not who the Sox should call up, but who I want them to call up.

Would be amazing

I would love them to bring up Luis Robert, but we know damn well they’re not gonna. And we absolutely, positively know it’s due to service time fatigue.

Would be beneficial

First is Zack Collins. Recently, Rick Hahn outlined the reasons for his demotion back to Charlotte and as far as I can tell, the results have been good. In order to keep that rolling, he needs at bats in September. With the minor league season ending before the major league season, it just makes sense. Additionally, his presence should mean Castillo being DFA’d (goodbye sweet prince) and clearing a spot on the 40 man for the next guy.

That guy is Nick Madrigal. He’s been as great at AAA as he is tall, but you know that he’s in the plans for next year. So why wait? I don’t think service time should truly be a concern here. Nobody is getting Cano money to play 2B anymore and even if he shoots the moon and is a 10-15 HR guy with .350 OBP, that gets like $12M at 2B. So why be concerned with that, especially with it so far in the future and after the Moncada/Giolito window?

Would be interesting

I know I haven’t been the biggest cheerleader for this guy, mainly because of how the Sox were choosing to deploy him. However, it seems they’ve settled on Kodi Medeiros being a reliever now. And while it’s only been 15 games, he’s looked pretty good in the role. Why not bring him up and see how it looks at the big league level? He’s got a 70 grade name that we’ll love to say, plus he’s already on the 40 man, just like this next guy.

Coming back from injury, Luis Basabe hasn’t looked that great. But if we’re not going to get Robert and I know what Engel is, I’d like to see what Basabe can do in CF. Maybe it’ll be terrible, maybe it’ll be great. I have no idea, but why not let me see it?

Would be fun

If you know me at all, you know my two guys here: Palka and Yermin Mercedes. Yeah, I know Yermin would need to kick someone off the 40 man, but we also know they ain’t bringing up Madrigal. So I assure you there will be a spot. Look, I know these guys don’t get inserted into the starting lineup and I know they’re probably only gonna pinch hit. But who cares, these guys are a lot of fun. At the very least, Yermin can hang out in the stands for the last two $1 dog Wednesdays.


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