The One-Hitter – Our White Sox BIAS

This is the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.


White Sox twitter is a very fun place and there are lots of different personalities and view points on all things White Sox.  One thing lays there among all of the #CONTENT, without nearly a mention.  When I say #CONTENT, I not only mean the blogs and videos and podcasts, I mean the large volume of tweets from some folks (present company included).  What lays there without a mention?  BIAS.


There isn’t any harm meant by BIAS (usually), everyone has their own reason for pushing things out into Al Gore’s internet and that is great, the more the merrier imo.  However, it is important to have appropriate perspective on WHO the message is coming from and WHAT their personal brand or bias means in the context of the message.  I can only speak soundly for myself and partially for the 108ers (as I is one) that in general we are looking to entertain and make you think (and if I really like you, to make fun of you a bit).  That is basically it and I think most of you realize that at this point.


Maybe you are a fan that just likes to watch the game at home while #108ing and tweet your enjoyment or disappointment in the team out into twitter and have people commiserate with you.  It is possible you are the type of person that really just wants to pull for the White Sox and root for some of your favorite players and the actual results of the team aren’t that damn important to you.  Some folks like to attend games not only because they love baseball, but because it’s nice to sit outside and be with their friends at the ballpark.  Some people take the time to write blogs to organize their thoughts and do so just to have a creative outlet that allows them to get down in long form.  Some people are trying to sell you stuff (guilty, but you know you’d look great in a 108 t-shirt use the code JULY10 for 10% off through the end of the month) whether it be a product (like a 108 koozie) or their content, via ads or Patreon.  Some people are trying to become professionals in media or actually are already professionals in media.  Certain folks just want to feel smart and justified in their thought processes and they use twitter / blog form to test it.  Some of you are mixtures of all of these different profiles and there are dozens I ain’t even mention.


Whatever way the “sickness” of being a White Sox fan manifests itself in you, it’s all good.  But as you review the twitters and get ready to complain about “certain” types of twittererers, try to have some perspective, some empathy about those tweeting among you.  Act right you animals.


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