Trade Deadline – LOOGY

If you aren’t familiar with the term, LOOGY is a lefty one out guy. You’ll also hear these guys referred to as lefty specialists. The Cubs plan to deploy Derek Holland this way and they are typically moved around the deadline. What makes them particularly interesting this year is that this is likely the last year of the LOOGY.

Major League Baseball is changing its rules for bullpen use in 2020. Pitchers will need to face at least 3 batters or finish the inning when they enter a game. This will make the lefty specialist role, a lot less special.

So what does this mean to our White Sox? Well, it forces them to decide what they believe Jace Fry is. His career numbers are far better against lefties. However, this year, while he’s better against lefties, he’s also been good against righties.

In my humble opinion, there won’t be much of a market for Jace. But I do think there will be one for Alex Colome and Aaron Bummer. And I think the Sox should trade them both. If you can improve your team by moving bullpen pieces, you should do it. The Sox have no intention of competing this year, Hahn has actually been reasonably good at rebuilding his pen each year, and they have plenty of holes to fill. So let’s bet on Jace Fry not being just a LOOGY and go grab some talent from the teams making a run.

I know what you’re saying:
“We can’t get rid of Bummer!”
“He’s been good for half a season, he must be the future closer of this team!”
“Hahn would have to be OVERWHELMED to trade him!”
I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with this. You should continually be improving your team. This is a great opportunity to do this. Even if he continues to play well for the team he goes to, getting a player or players that make you better is what you need to do to compete. And for the “overwhelmed” and “blown away” crew out there, the other GMs aren’t idiots so don’t expect this to happen.


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