The Problem With Craft Beer – A 108 Suggestion

Your chubby buddy My Sox Summer here and I got something on my mind. Beer. I love beer. Clearly if you have seen me on a Sunday game post-Soak you know I indulge in some excellent Goose Island brews. I enjoy all sorts of beer, but one thing that get’s me upset is OLD IPA’s just chilling out there on a shelf. It’s disrespectful. It’s shameful. It’s fucking wrong.

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What am I talking about? I happened to be at a Walmart looking at the “craft beer” selection, which is better than it was 10 years ago, but is still pretty slim pick-ens They had some Brickstone beers which are a favorite of Farmer Matt. I was shocked they even had it, so I looked at the 6’er of APA and checked the date (One thing I am snobbish about is drinking an old IPA/APA beer). The beer was 4 months old. My mouth started scrunching up just thinking about how malty this beer would be. When fresh, these beers are dynamite. But at that age, it’s gonna suck.

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This is how I USED to do.

Now, I am a guy in the know so I always check the cans and rarely buy IPA’s unless they are really fresh. It was the benefit to going to the brewery back in the day. You get a case of freshies, usually at a lower rate than at a Binny’s and you know that is as fresh as it will ever be. Years ago, I’d make the pilgrimage down to Munster, IN to get the Zombie Dust cases for $35 to $40. It was amazing that fresh and was easily was the hardest beer to find years ago. Then they raised the price to $12 a sixer and the desire to spend the time just to get that beer goes way down. I won’t buy it at the local store either cause it’s at least 1 month old by the time they get it. I ain’t paying $14 a sixer for old shit. No way, no how.

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Here’s the problem that I (and some people in the know do too) see happening. A guy decides, “Hey, I am gonna try this new crafty beer thing” and they get an old sixer and it sucks. The damage is twofold, you lost chance to make a great first impression (which in such a crowded market is HUGE) PLUS the guy paid good money to get that beer and is really ticked cause he could have bought a 12pk of something domestic that tastes the same every time. Is that guy gonna buy it again? I am guessing no.

I thought I could drink this at media day, I was wrong.

At the park, this is an issue to. I love the Craft Kave, but I stay away from the IPA’s based on the fact that I know they are old. You can’t stock the Kave like you do with domestic beers. My suggestion would be to carry less beers in the IPA / APA category and when it has been sitting, put them on special. Knock a buck or two off, sell that shit out before it goes bad and then add in some new shit. One of my favorite beers at the park (and in life) is the Dry-Hopped 312. But if it is old, it just isn’t the same. They don’t sell a ton of it (they actually told me that a few weeks ago) and I am sure people that do get it are disappointed. They do sell a shit ton of Next Coast (108 Fave), so no worries there guys.

So there you have it! Always check the date on the IPA’s. Other beers are fine if they have sat a little (especially when kept cool), especially the darks and high ABV stouts. But even with the stouts (if they are flavored), they might lose some of their nuances. Hit me up with any questions especially the Goose Island beers. I have a direct line to the guy with all the answers and we can learn, together. Stay thirsty my friends!


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