The One-Hitter – MySoxStache

This is the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.

Usually in the One-Hitter space I come at you with something of a tidbit of info that I want to explain or clarify or something interesting I heard that I want to take apart.  Today is a PLEA FOR HELP.  You see, the 108ers often attend the other blogs / personalities of White Sox twitter’s tailgates.  That is no different for our buddy WhiteSoxDave who is hosting “Barstool at the Park” on June 29th.  We are all pretty excited to go, in fact, Chorizy exclaimed “We should grow mustaches for that game!” to which MySoxSummer said, “No, I’m never doing that again.

The last time we grew mustaches was last year to honor the passing of Burt Reynolds.



YOU SEE HOW FUCKING GREAT THAT WAS!?!?!?!  Now what I need from you, is the tweet at MySoxSummer and provide him the encouragement he needs to get back on the mustache train.  Don’t tell him that he looks a toe.  Don’t tell him he looks like Farva.  Definitely don’t tell him any funny anecdotes about his extra chins.  WE NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!!! so that he’ll reconsider growing a beautiful piece of face lettuce for June 29th.




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