The Plight of the Bulls Fan

Guest post from Polish with Extra Onions

Being a White Sox fan is tough right now. From having to watch your crosstown competition win a World Series, to going through a complete tear down, to as recently as the Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams complete off-season fuck up, it has been a rough go. But, despite all this, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel. Moncada and Anderson are showing signs that they are gonna be great. There are some prospects that may pan out, hell, they are competitive this year, and they are starting Yonder Alonso everyday. You know where there isn’t any light? Being a god damn Bulls fan. Me being a season ticket holder for both has been a 12 month kick in the dick for the last few years.

Let’s take a look at why it’s great to be a White Sox fan in comparison. First, let’s take a look at the top. Jerry Reinsdorf owns both of these teams, and he is a champion in the profit game. He won his championships years ago, and now he’s content to just ride it out and pad that bank account. You know how I know this? Two words……..John Paxson. Sure the White Sox front office is a joke, but I really think that Rick Hahn means well. When he talks, he sounds like he is trying his best. It’s just unfortunate that we’ll intentions don’t really work out. But John Paxson, that guy can eat shit. He survives solely on a diet of all the crushed souls of Bulls fans from the last few years. He has no plan, he has been in charge of let’s say 4 rebuilds, but I’m not sure since they never choose a path. The Bulls always pick 7th or later because they lose a few games, then panic and bring in some veterans to put a band-aid on the season. Rick Hahn was at least honest and said that they were gonna be bad, and that statement has been 100% accurate. Paxson wants to tank, but can’t do it properly.

Let’s look at payroll. In baseball, you can have a payroll as low as you want. In the NBA, there is a salary floor. Let me tell you, I’d rather have the White Sox front office lie to me and tell me that the money will be spent than John Paxson giving Christiano Felicio $8M per year. We joke that the White Sox were just happy to have a seat at the table, where as with the Bulls, marquee free agents laugh at the notion of even coming here. The Bulls biggest signing has been Carlos Boozer. Side Note, I didn’t hate Boozer. People wanted him to be something he was not. If you followed his career, he was the same player he had always been. Zach Lavine thinks he’s an all star, gets paid like an all star, and let’s be honest, he wouldn’t start for any of the 4 remaining NBA teams that are playing.

Let’s take a look at coaching. I’m not a huge Ricky Rents fan, but let me
introduce you to Jim Boylen. He is mocked by other teams in the league, his
team almost had a mutiny, and he thinks that 2s are more than 3s. And what do the Bulls do? They fucking extend his contract so he can stunt the growth of Wendell Carter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen. Ricky may put some shitty lineups out there and call for too many bunts, but he isn’t impacting every play and player rotation the way that Boylen does. Jesus it is a fucking joke to watch him coach.

Lastly, the best part about being a Sox fan over a Bulls fan is White Sox Twitter. There aren’t as many Sox fans as there are Bulls fans, and the ones I have interacted with are quite knowledgeable. With the giant Bulls following, you get all the fun hot takes like Zach Lavine is a top 5 shooter in the NBA. Seriously, that was a statement.

Going through this White Sox rebuild has been rough, but that light that is right there is gonna be amazing when we get there. Just remember to send your thoughts and prayers my way once the NBA season starts.

-Polish with Extra Onions

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