Quernzy’s 2019 White Sox Food Preview

Special guest post from Quernzy

News Flash at Guaranteed Rate: THERE WILL BE FOOD

I’m not really a Foodie — I’m more of a “Faux Foodie”. I’m kind of a picky eater and I can’t even eat spicy foods. So I guess it’s a good thing I’m writing a blog for @fromthe108… I fit right in as a Faux Foodie since I like food and I don’t have a lot of credibility.

I was lucky enough to tag along with @mysoxsummer and sample some of the delicious new food options at the park this season. I stuffed my face, took pictures and tried to stay out of the way of the reporters that were writing quality news stories.

Boozy Hot Chocolate and Boozy Hot Apple Cider – sections 144 and 538:  

I wrote about yummy coffee and Bailey’s previously, while rounding up the non-beer options at the park.

And while I do enjoy a shot of Baileys with my hot chocolate, I’m most excited about their new Boozy Hot Chocolate. Jim Beam, Patron XO and Monin toasted marshmallow syrup alllll mixed in with hot chocolate! The Patron has a subtle coffee flavor and the toasted marshmallow syrup is something I have to purchase for my own home bar. Delicious! When Spring finally arrives, I will switch to chilled cocktails and provide a cocktail update for inside the park.

The Savory & Sweet Stand at 110 is going to be my go-to stand.

Four different kinds of Dusted French Fries. Also a few dishes of fries topped with STUFF. Irish Fries, Greek Fries and Buffalo Chicken Fries. Excited to try the Greek Fries with gyro meat, feta and tzatziki. Another snack that will be a fan favorite can be found in the Revolution Tap Room — Bacon Popcorn. So cheesy and packed with bacon crumble. Between the Bacon Popcorn and the Dusted Fries, so much stuff is dusted with powder, you’d think Tim Raines is in the kitchen.

Nashville Hot Chicken

Here’s what Phat MSS had to say about the Nashville Hot Chicken – natural heat without being too crazy. All white-meat chicken. Even the pickles were good. 🙂

Antique Taco

Brand new at the park is Antique Taco from down the street in Bridgeport. 108’ers won’t have to walk far to find them at Section 109. The smoked brisket taco was too spicy for me (but I’m a wimp) and the chicken al pastor taco was delicious!

Notables available in the premium levels

Elote Nuggets – sweet fried corn nuggets that are so yummy. I’m a fan of fried finger foods at the park. Also, why aren’t they called Eloy-tes?

Triple Play Burger with beef, fried bologna and bacon.

Impossible Asian Appetizer Duo –  Now available for vegetarians and vegans alike!


Thank you Quernzy! Now here is what Little Miss Shortstop thought of the food items she got to sample! Note – LMS isn’t afraid of a little heat, but MSS decided that the chicken sandwich might be too hot for her. Oddly, the Chicken Al Pastor wasn’t. Ha.

That face you make when there aren’t options for little almost 1 year olds. She had some flavored rice husks.

Little Miss Shortstop was pretty amped to make the trip to the park. She was only slightly bummed that neither “Timmy” or “Palka” would be there and even asked “They aren’t playing?” She’s learning yo!

Waiting patiently as the food folks give us the low down before the chow down.

LMS started off with the Triple Play Burger. As noted in the podcast, she dropped the bun and dusted it off and ate it anyways. She’s a trooper.

As you can see, she isn’t the biggest burger fan. But loved the bun! She ate a couple bites of the Chicken Al Pastor taco from our neighbors to the west, Antique Taco. We’ve had them many times, always solid. She loves that fresh mozzarella cheese too, so that sandwich was made for her.

She was also very lucky that they brought around the Eggrolls from the Impossible Asian Appetizer Duo! It’s a meatless offering as noted above. She loves fake meat and eggrolls!

But by far and away her most favorite offering was the Bacon Popcorn. She had 2 samples! And you know what? Even though it is only in the Rev Tap Room, kids are allowed! Cause they have food and that is the location of the Sox Social Lounge. What’s that? It’s a place that if you check into the game (on the MLB Ballpark App), they give you all sorts of free stuff! Last year was a killer hat for your first check in.

So there you have it! An almost 3 year old can eat all day long with fancy new offerings at the park! Be sure to slam a taco at the game or grab a tub of bacon popcorn!


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