The 5 – Blizzard Drinking

As the snow is falling and your will to leave the house is dwindling, you may need a drink or two to keep your spirits up. And there’s nothing like a warm drink on a cold day. If you’re like me, you’re not looking for an incredible amount of ingredients to make something fancy. You’re looking for just a few things thrown together to get your winter 108ing on.

Mexican Coffee

I know I typically talk up coffee and Bailey’s, but we’ll get to Bailey’s later. For this morning, we’re doing Mexican coffee. Now, you can look up recipes and there is like ice cream and sugar rims and all kinds of other shit. Look, you need 3 things to make this happen: coffee, tequila, and coffee liqueur (Kahlua or Patron XO Cafe will do). That’s it. You might be skeptical of tequila in coffee, but don’t knock it til you try it.

Hot Chocolate and Bailey’s

This is a bit sweet, so be prepared for that. But this is such a simple drink to put together and it never disappoints. If you want to do some weird shit like throwing an entire package of Peeps in there, go for it. It’s not my bag, but if you dig it, do it.


I was super skeptical of this one. But someone left a bottle of Rumchata at my house after a party and what am I supposed to do, throw it away? Fuck that. I’ve seen some really involved ways of doing this drink, but we ain’t doing that. Get yourself an espresso and throw some Rumchata in it. Ain’t too complicated and it is surprisingly good.

Hot Toddy

This drink is made a shitload of different ways, so really, do what you like. I’ve even made these with Malort, which was NOT good if you can believe it. However, my go to recipe is simple: black tea + honey + rye or bourbon. Some people replace the tea with hot water and lemon juice, some replace the bourbon with rum, and some people add a lemon wedge. Feel free to try any or all of that, but I’m gonna keep it basic.

Hot Cider

I am not a fan of hard cider, but I can get down with some hot cider with some booze in it. In fact, I only get down with it with booze. If you have a Keurig you can get some apple cider cups and then from there, it’s just add booze. I typically go with a spiced rum like Sailor Jerry or Captain Morgan.

So during this wonderful winter wonderland, grab a mug, and do some #108ing


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