#WhiteSox Poll Thoughts!?!

Good evening frenz, it’s your pal BeefLoaf.  I was just laying on the couch crushing Rolo’s when I figured I would hoist my ever bulging physique and knock out a little quickie for you.  I run > 90% of the 108 polls that you see obnoxiously retweeted into your feed, so I figured it might be worth getting into what I actually think when coming up with a poll for 108.

Before we get to the poll in question, a couple of general thoughts…when I’m putting together a poll I am usually trying to answer a question that either I have, or that I see bubbling up in the White Sox Twitterverse.  Sometimes, I am looking for what the group opinion is on something to determine how that syncs up with my own opinion or Chorizy’s or MSS’s.  Occasionally I just see an opportunity for lunacy and figure “Why Not??”  Let’s see what the fine folks of White Sox twitter come up with.  You rarely disappoint.  Now, on to this morning’s poll.


In the most recent FromThe108 Podcast, we had segments on two guys who we believe the fan base tends to overvalue, Adam Engel (my belief) and Carson Fulmer (the subject of a Facebook argument involving MySoxSummer), so I wanted to see if what we were experiencing was really happening out there and if it was, then we could direct those folks to the new podcast and possibly find out why they be thinking things that is so far off what we believe.  I tossed in Gio because, for fucks sake he was horrible last year and desperately needs to improve.  He really has a lot of runway to get better.  As with all twitter polls, if you are asking a question with a wide band like this, you need to add an “Other” selection because Twitter only lets you get down with 4….thems the grits.

Let’s dig in on what I learned from the results.

Adam Engel 8%


Well it was my segment in the podcast that brought up #EngelTruthers either all them mufuckaz were on vacation from twitter today, or they don’t believe old Adam needs to improve that much…..OR, I’m fucking delusional and there aren’t that many people that love Adam Engel.  I’d say it is probably the latter, sorry for that segment, I’m sure if you already have watched Adam Engel suck for the last 2 years you didn’t need to hear me read off how he is in the bottom 10% of centerfielders in basically all offensive categories.

Lucas Giolito 70%


My guy Jordan Lazowski has been the most bullish motherfucker I know of about Gio.  I thought he was nuts and truth be told, I was pretty sure it was a gigantic troll job.  I mean, the kid sounds like he has a real major and he at least pretends to attend Notre Dame, so he can’t be that much of a dumbass.  Low and behold, if it was a bit, he’s going to have to search for a new one.  I didn’t realize this many folks were banking on Gio taking a big step.  I didn’t realize those 7 starts back in 2017 would create such an indelible bond.  Just like that summer fling you once had that still gives you tight pants all these years later, Gio is burned into White Sox twitters consciousness.

Carson Fulmer 9%


Again, our segments are fucked.  Chorizy even did like 10 minutes on pitch selection that I sort of zoned out on as I watched “highlight films” of Jmac performing with future type 2 diabetics.  Anywho, even though it is bad for his health, I think Chorizy and I still want MySoxSummer hanging out at Facebook to bring these gems along because even if the twitter folks aren’t into it, it still entertains us.


Other 13% 


A huge chunk of this 13% was voting for Yoan Moncada, even some folks who are very bright and who’s opinion I respect on baseball and other stuff, but if I am being honest with myself, picking Moncada for this spot is a Basic Bitch pick.  I hope all of you enjoyed your fucking Pumpkin Spice Latte’s while you punched this one in.

So there you have it a little inside look into what these polls are for and how we view them.  Now Imma go back and eat the rest of these Rolo.


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