12 Days of #108Mas: The 5 – Christmas Favorites for Pets

Hi friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf, as we roll up on Christmas day I’m coming back at you with another post for 12 days of 108mas.  If there is one thing that is under represented in the 108 blog it is our favorite fur friends and how they effect our lives.  It’s no secret, pets of all religious denominations FUCKING LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!  Since I celebrate Christmas and have been a long-time pet owner, I figured I would get down on the highlights of the Christmas season for our fur babies…..Enjoy!!

5 – Tinsel


If you aren’t listening to the FromThe108 Podcast, then you are not only missing out on our “unique” White Sox analysis, but you are missing out on many stories and (Vincent Antonelli aka Todd Wilkinson like) anecdotes.  In the most recent show, Episode 6 “Major Rager for MacHarper” I discussed how mine and Chorizy-E’s childhood cat LOVED chomping down on tinsel from the tree.  I have no idea how many pounds of that shiny junk that fine feline ingested, but she sure kept going back for it every single holiday season.

4 – Shiny Ornaments


I’m being kinda cat biased right now, but FUCK IT, I love cats and I won’t let the dog people intimidate me into not talking about these important issues.  Anywho, Shiny Ornaments are an obvious cat obsession, I mean, they look a lot like the toys that Jackson Galaxy would recommend for them.  There is really no solution for this, cats are going to fucking play with these ornaments and eventually break them….ALL OF THEM.  I recently read a study, that estimated each house cat in the country destroys 13.5 ornaments per holiday season.  It’s science.

3 – Cloth Ornaments


There aren’t many cloth ornaments still out there in Christmas trees, but those that still do exist have likely been nibbled, gobbled, licked and possibly destroyed by our sweet innocent fur babies.  Look, its our own fault, we shouldn’t put cat / dog toys on the tree.  You’d think we’d learn, but we never do.

2 – Wrapping Paper


Nuff said


1 – Chocolate (and Alcohol)

Look, I don’t condone everything I write, but if we are being honest with ourselves, there is a lot of loose chocolate and booze around the holidays and it’s not like our pets AREN’T interested in this stuff.  If you are like me, you are sloppy as fuck around the holidays with eating and drinking and you probably won’t be able to keep your pets outta this hooch.  Just try to keep them from having too much, for cats, no more than a Snickers Bar worth of chocolate and a double tequila neat.  For Dogs, you can up the chocolate intake to a maximum of the equivalent of 12 cadburry eggs and a 6 pack of Schlitz.


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