12 Days of #108Mas: Yule Logs

If you’re anything like me there will be periods of time during the holiday season that people are over, you got the Christmas music going, but the TV is just a big useless pile.  Sure you can throw on the Nobody Gives a Fuck Bowl sponsored by Church’s Chicken, but nobody wants to watch that.

And watching Die Hard with no volume is more of a tease than over the pants hand stuff.  So instead, may I offer you a couple of digital yule logs to burn for your enjoyment.  They need no volume, but are very visually pleasing.

Nick Offerman

Now I know this guy is a Cubs fan, but it’s the holiday season and we can let that slide for the next 10 hours of him sitting by the fire with a glass of scotch.

Darth Vader

Now this is my favorite and is actually currently on in my home as I write this.  I love Star Wars and Darth Vader, so his burning corpse lighting up my living room is just a thing of beauty.

I hope you enjoy these very much.


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