12 Days of #108Mas: A Festivus Miracle

With Festivus just two days away, we’ll be celebrating early tonight at Lo-Rez Brewery and Tap Room at 2101 S Carpenter in Pilsen.  The party goes from 6-9pm and includes everything below.  You should absolutely get your ass there.

White Sox White Elephant

Bring a wrapped White Sox themed present.  It can be lightly used, just don’t bring something that’s trashed.  We’ll have a table full of presents and you can do the old leave a penny take a penny.  The 108ers and SoxMachiners will be left with whatever remains on the table at the end of the night.

Airing of Grievances

We’ll have a roundtable set up with SoxMachine, FromThe108, and NWI Steve from Loop Sports.  We’ll be airing our grievances about the Sox.  And assuming they don’t sign Harper or Machado in the next few hours, there should be plenty.

Lo-Rez Beers

Lo-Rez has some fantastic beers for your #108ing needs.  They also don’t believe that the 108 followers can drink everything they have in stock.  So let’s see if we can prove em wrong.

Taco Burrito King

There will be a grill setup outside where you can buy delicious TBK.  They will start serving around 7pm.


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