The White Sox player polls – Infield

Good day friends, we continue on our review of the White Sox 2018 review with our players polls, voted on by the fans, with comments from the fans….let’s do dis!!

Yolmer Sanchez

The Fans….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted “Meh”, yes of course I love Yolmer’s craziness, he’s entertaining af, but he’s only a starter on a 2nd division team.  He’s really just a backup and his performance over the last two seasons is showing that, as fun as he is to root for, he needs to be replaced if progress is the goal.


Cut it out Tom!


Tim Anderson

The Fans…..


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans.  The defense has become a weapon.  He’s a big league regular even if his offense doesn’t take another step forward.  Yes, yes, I know he was a 20/20 guy this year, but his HR’s aren’t likely to keep up if he doesn’t start hitting the ball with more authority, that’s the next step up.  The speed / base running is real, he’s a stud at that.  Lastly, his LEADERSHIP!!!  Before the season, Chorizy-E and I dubbed him “Nino Brown” as he is the boss of the baby White Sox, this still appears to be bearing fruit and I am excited to see how he continues to embrace that role.

Yoan Moncada

The Fans…….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted “Underwhelmed” and apparently because of it I haven’t watched very much and I don’t know how development works…..


I digress, being encouraged or meh or underwhelmed is about expectations, and my expectations for Moncada were high (I expect him to become Dan Uggla with speed).  The facts our, he regressed at the plate from his 2017 debut.  Not so much that I’m alarmed and I sure as fuck didn’t use the “B” word (we don’t use the “B” word in the 108….we say other “B” words, but that’s a different discussion).  Every scout worth their salt said that the one thing that could eat up all of Moncada’s talent is his K-rate and guess what, he struck out a ton.  I’m very interested to see if he can take a step forward in 2019, but as for his 2018 performance, a slightly below average MLB second baseman is a fine baseline, but watching it in real time was underwhelming.  It lacked any signature moments, it lacked any blistering hot dominating streaks.  I’m Underwhelmed.

Omar Narvaez

The Fans…….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans. It’s kinda sad when we get all excited over a potential decent hitting backup catcher, but this is the 2018 White Sox for fucksake.

Matt Davidson

The Fans………


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted “Encouraged”, but that is mostly for two reasons.  1) Chorizy-E and I are Matt Davidson Fanbois


2) His commitment to trying out various in-game mustache looks was commendable.


I’ll be back soon with the Pitchers….

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