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Good day friends, we wanted to get out ahead of the “blogs” and “podcasts” as all of those spots will be doing their “Season Review”, well there wasn’t specifically a Season Review done by the fans,….UNTIL NOW.  Your pals at Section 108 wanted to highly involve all of you in our discussion of the season in total by putting up player polls and by plucking the best of the best comments to include in the reviews.


Okay, now we can start….


Avisail Garcia

The Fans….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I was Underwhelmed by Avi, but then again, I’m always underwhelmed by Avi.  He has 1 year above 0.7 bWAR, he’s not the prospect he was hyped as.

Nicky Delmonico

The Fans…..


BeefLoaf’s Take – I agree with the Fans.  Nicky got hurt this year, so maybe that sapped some of the power, but he looks like a guy who doesn’t have enough power for a corner OF spot, not enough speed to play CF, but enough on-base skills and versatility to help a team on their 40 man roster.  He looks like the dude you try and stash at AAA so he can come up when you have some injuries and give you a month of decent plate appearances.

Adam Engel

The Fans……


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted Encouraged.  I’m really not sure why, I can’t stand watching Adam Engel bat. It’s an abortion.  His defense is pretty fucking slick tho’.  Maybe my expectations were that he gets chewed up and spit out by the harsh major leagues and end up playing in a beer league next to other “has beens” and “never will be’s”, but alas he’s here.  Upon looking into his offensive profile, his wRC+ and OPS+ (those are fancy metrics that try and pin down offensive value without having to use a bunch of stand alone statistics) would put him in the Billy Hamilton or Adeiny Hecheverria range of hitter….real luminaries of the craft.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Adam Engel needs to pick a lane…here are his two choices and if he comes back to spring training not choosing one of these, well then I am sure they can find him a nice job at the Bulls / Sox Academy.

  1. Become a slappy singles hitter that hustles to get on base – Remember when Scotty Pods had his second go around with the White Sox?  He was sitting on his couch looking handsome when he unexpectedly got a call from the White Sox to come play.  He was an awful defender, not really a good base stealer anymore, but he decided that if he just hit .300 and got on base he could be valuable.  So he started running up on the pitch and trying to chop it and doing all kind of other weird things just to get on base.  I want the “Handsome” Scotty Pods to come in and teach Adam Engel the ropes on how to apply 16 inch softball tactics to the MLB.  ALSO, i’d like him to start working hard on the muscles in that left shoulder, because we are going to attempt to take a few dozen pitches off of that shoulder in 2019.
  2. Sell out for power – Ron Kittle needs to be on the job for this.  I just want him to mash 20 dongs ($1 Zach Sherwood), I don’t care wtf the rest of his hitting profile looks like, if he can tap that power, he’ll get more walks and be on base more to use his speed and he’ll never really have to learn how to hit.


Daniel Palka

The Fans…..


BeefLoaf’s Take – I obviously voted with the Fans!  The only reason to even come to the ballpark most nights was to see if Palka was going to smash one.  He’s our spirit animal, he embraces #108ing, he’s the man.  I just assume that those who pressed the button on “Meh” Or “Underwhelmed” miss clicked.

That’s all for the Outfielders……we’ll be back with the Infielders soon…


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