The 5 – 5 Things To Enjoy This Weekend

Allow me to reintroduce myself…….

Welcome to FRI-YAY Folks! It’s been a minute, but I am MySoxSummer. Been a bit busy shipping out all these #108ing shirts to all you lovely fans (available here)! And raising some kids. That takes up most my time.


The final weekend series is upon us, starts today. 6 games left to see our beloved team that has really taken alot out of us this year. There were very few things to cheer for this year, but 2 words, Daniel Palka. You killed it man. You ARE the southside. A grinder. A baller. And funny as fuck. Thanks for 2018 man, you really made our year in the 108.

I went to get some tickets yesterday and lamented to Box Office Jimmy that I was bummed that the Cub(e)s were our last weekend series. He seemed to share my feelings. Most years we in the 108 sell these tickets. It’s a game that you can actually sell for more than face which is pretty nice! But it being a weekend series and the last one in 2018, we are all in for Saturday and Sunday. So if you are headed to the games this weekend here are 5 things to enjoy!


1- CrossTown Wasted.

Y’all hear that we are throwing down with SoxOn35th this Saturday? Well we are! It’s tomorrow. In Lot B. At 3:30pm. Ya know what the best thing is? YOU DON’T NEED A FUCKING TICKET TO GO TO THE TAILGATE! You need not pay a crazy price to see a baseball game to get kinda wasted with your favorite White Sox twitter friends! Also Johnnie Nonnie and BeefLoaf are known to fully stock coolers for insane parties. So the High Life and the Busch Light will be ice cold and flowing. No excuses folks, no excuses.


2- Sweater Weather.

As a fat guy, the weather is looking DOPE AF. Mid 60’s is the HIGH for Saturday. Will I wear jeans? Unlikely. But maybe I won’t sweat like a whore in church all game. You know what is perfect to do in mid 60’s temp? DRINK A BUNCHA BEER. It will be pleasant out which we deserve. Baseball in this kinda weather is pretty awesome too. We can also imagine it’s 2023 and we are gunning for that Wild Card or trying to lock up a division. #TrustTheProspects

3- Cub(e)s Fans.

I know, some of them are fucking awful. We wanna short sell them on baseball knowledge, which is sometimes is deserved. But do we really wanna paint the whole fanbase based on a few people? Do we really?


Listen, in a few short years, we’ll be back and most likely they will be down. Maybe they won’t. Fuck, maybe we won’t. But I am kinda tired of the constant Sox vs Cub(e)s hate. So let’s act like the brothers that hate each other but we both love their mom (baseball). We can act civil for holidays, like this weekend, for mom.

So maybe, just maybe if you have a good interaction with a fan from the north you offer to buy him a beer. Maybe that fan will see your move and buy you one back. Let’s all be the better fan(s). Maybe?

4- Beer. Brats. Baseball.

This is what it is all about. Don’t think about how fucking awful long the lines will be this weekend, or the lack of space, or how shitty the service will likely be, think about how great that brat will taste. And really don’t think about how long that line will be to get a fancy beer, but rather enjoy a Bud Light or Corona Light or Modelo cause really that pairs just as well as the fancy beer. Plus they deliver that beer! Also, take care of those guys. They were out there when you weren’t, so tip them well. For baseball, like the McRib, is limited time only. It will be back, much like the McRib, but not for awhile. So fucking enjoy all of these B’s.


5- 11am Sunday Soak.

That’s right, wake up (hungover) with the boys in the 108. The Monsters of the Midway will be rolling after the game, so we want you to watch that. We also think the possibility of someone puking in the tub is very likely. Well, just me really. The other guys rarely puke. So make sure to tune in at 11am to watch the last regularly scheduled soak. There will be other soaks, maybe around Bears games, but nothing is on the books.

We are looking forward to this last party with all you crazy folks. Make sure to come and say hi in these final games. If you wanna save $5 And want a shirt, send me a DM on Twitter. Stay hydrated my friends.


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