The Organization

When you sit in the 108 and you’re out there 108ing like we do, people will stop by and share a drink from time to time.  And when they’re sharing that drink, sometimes they’ll share a story too or some interesting tidbit of info.  Sometimes it’s the trivia that gets thrown down by Biguns or Beefloaf or Mr Hand.  Sometimes it’s a story about Big Frank visiting a late night kitchen in Lincoln Park.  Sometimes it’s hearing about Daniel Palka’s pitching prowess.  Sometimes it’s info on an Indianapolis stripper that’s friendly with a washed out Sox reliever.  And sometimes it’s word from inside the Sox front office.  This is rare, but it happens.  And recently, we got word that the front office has been tracking a group of bloggers/tailgaters/general drunkards.  Let’s call this group “The Organization”.

This inside man gave us the low down on this probe.  He was also able to sneak us a pic of part of their bulletin board.  If you’re not on it, don’t think you’re in the clear.  There are no associates pictured at all and there is certainly a chance there are more capos and soldiers floating around.

We’ll provide info as we have it, but please do not let this deter you from coming out on Saturday September 22nd for the Crosstown Wasted Tailgate.  There are at least a few capos counting on you being there.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you?

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