The One Hitter – The 108 Intern

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale. Today is a BIG DAY! The 108ers are looking for an intern! Yep, we’re fucking big time now.  Daniel Palka (much like his homers) have put us in a new stratosphere.

Below are a list of qualifications, below that are a list of responsibilities. If you think you can fill out the proverbial giant shoes it takes to be an @fromthe108 intern, please hit us up on the Twitters and tell us why we should select yous (this is Bridgeport).



– Must smell okay

– Must like being around grown men that might not smell okay


– Retweet ALL #108ing on the Twitters


– Run to Rev bar in LF to get us brews


– Read our Split the Pot ticket to see if it won

– Teach us what Snapchat is


– Create memes and gifs from 3 movies: Bowfinger, Life (the Eddie Murphy one), and Blood In Blood Out

– Stand in the $1 hot dog line

– Wake up Chorizy in the 8th inning


– Deter the Wave from starting

– Bum smokes for MSS

– Keep Gabe from trying to turn Section 108 into the White Hole

Gabe with some girl.

– Get Pete Hand’s extra tickets scanned

– Help Wally$ musk up

– Clean the hot tub


– Ice down the coolers

– Rally a crew to pick up bobbleheads for MSS, Wally$ and Bobbles Jim

– Trim MSS’s back hair

– AND MORE……..



Do you think you have what it takes to be the 108’s intern? Hit us up. We’ll even let you post any article you want as long as it is up to the 108 standards.  Which , if you read our blog, is pretty attainable.  If you write stuff, we can get you college credit.  We’re pretty sure about that, we think.  Especially if you go to a JuCo.



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