The 108ers as Wire Characters??

If no one knew, not only are all of the 108ers huge White Sox Fans…  But we’re also huge fans of music, movies and television shows.  We’re always quoting lines from movies and/or debating which movie was better.  Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sopranos, the Office, Game of Thrones are a few of our favorite shows but there’s one that stands out over the rest….
 The Wire
For those of you that don’t know this masterpiece created by David Simon and Ed Burns, where the FUCK have you been?  This is one of if not the greatest TV show ever.  Don’t believe me?  Even Rolling Stones has this show listed as the 2nd best TV show of all time. 
What’s even worse, this show was never given it’s just due when it was on the air.  No Emmy’s, no Golden Globes, no Pulitzer Prize.  This is such a travesty for some of the best written material to ever be put on TV. 
Kudos to HBO for taking a risk and sticking with this show even though the ratings weren’t what they hoped.  All you need to do is look at the cast from this show and see where they’re at now.  The majority of them are a who’s who of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now.
In traditional 108 fashions, we thought we should try to pair up which character is most like your beloved 108 crew.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as we’ve had fun debating these characters and scenes. 
This has been in the works for at least a year.  I take full responsibility for dropping the ball on this.  I always seem to have to go out for just a taste…
Never forget Bushmills is Protestant whiskey…
 Biguns: Norman Wilson


Biguns is a smooth talking SOB and a wealth of knowledge just like Norman.  The one liners he comes up with are priceless.
Slumpbuster: Orlando


From strip club owner to trying to get their side hustle on.  Slumpbuster is always in it to win it until like that…he’s disappeared.
Aloha Mr. Hand: Frank Sobotka


Aloha Mr. Hand just like Frank will do anything for the ones they care about and will fight through tooth and nail for their loved ones.  A guy who puts his money where his mouth is and supports what he thinks is right, no matter the cost.  He may even have an agreement with the Greeks, we’ll never know for sure.
Bobble Jim: Randy


This guy always gets his resale game on.  Mad respect
Mrs. BeefLoaf: Rhonda Pearlman


The silent brains behind the operation, Mrs. BeefLoaf helps keep the 108ers noses clean from the inevitable missteps they get into with regularity.  She’s also the ring leader of the entire BeefComplex, which houses the BeefDeck, BeefCave and the Hot Tub that brings you the #SundaySoak.  
Mrs. Chorizy-E: Beadie


She may come off as quiet but trust me, when shit goes down she’s one you’ll want on your side.   Shit, she gets a free pass to heaven in my book just for marrying Chorizy-E.
Mrs. MSS: Nerese Campbell


As the wife of our 108 mayor MySoxSummer, she always lets our guy come out even after having another baby.  Granted he has to finish his chores and housework first but she’s a very understanding and gracious person.
Bonita Steakie: Snoop


The toughest one of the 108 crew and she’s only 8.  Don’t get into a play fight with this one, she doesn’t play.
Wally$: McNulty


From running into light poles, doing things in and on the bang bus we can’t talk about, waking up in his car after a Friday night game from too much #108ing.  He’s really bad for people.  I also apologize if I’ve offended you or tried to pull your girlfriend/wife it wasn’t me speaking but the accelerator. 
BeefLoaf: Gus


From always making sure all of the facts are correct and keeping everyone honest BeefLoaf always makes sure we come correct and in true 108 fashions.  Believe me when I tell you he’ll get at you if you miss a deadline.
Chorizy: Prez


From always finding unorthodox ways to look at a topic and analyzing all the odds, I won’t bet against him.  Just don’t go to the projects with him after drinking late in the night.  You might get hit with some fallen debris.
MySoxSummer: Bubbles


The Mayor of the 108 HAS TO BE the biggest spirit and inspiration from the entire 5 season saga.  From his constant “Whitey” sales to bringing his own pimp steaks to the Sox games no one embodies a character more than him.  Just don’t ever put on a red hat if he hands you one.


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