The White Sox Twitter Personalities Tournament

Good day folks, I’m very happy to be here to announce a very special Twitter Poll tournament that the 108ers are hosting on “The White Sox Twitter Personalities Tournament
We have been working long and hard (several days) putting together the field for this tournament.  In its inaugural season, the tournament will have 36 teams, which is a standard 32 team tournament with 4 play-in games which start tomorrow!!!
The 108ers, because its our party and we’ll cry if we want to, have selected 4 different regions……
Celebs….with our Chuck Garfien as the #1 seed and the #1 overall seed in the tournament.
Bloggers……with WhiteSoxDave as the #1 seed in that region
SuperFans…..with the young buck ChiSoxFanMike as the #1 seed in that region
and finally, last but not least, without further adieu, coming down the mountain, here she comes, here she comes……the 108 region, with the Mayor of the 108, MySoxSummer as the #1 seed in the region.
Below is the full bracket (click the link to see it), feel free to follow along at home or possibly even fill out a bracket and send it in before the tournament starts.  If anyone gets a perfect bracket we’ll come to your house and drink all your beer to celebrate!!!  Now, you know you can’t beat that deal!
Play-In games start tomorrow, so be ready!!
– BeefLoaf

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