The Slumpbuster commercial….

Howdy friends….In a galaxy, not so far away, in a time that was, well 6 years ago, Section 108’s very own, Slumpbuster was in a commercial for the Champagne Lodge…you know, the Sybaris’ long lost cousin.  Anywho, some how, some way, our pal Slumpbuster knew a guy who was able to get him into the commercial and not just IN the commercial, but he’s a main fucking character in the commercial.  See below, for a fine slice of character acting…..
Admittedly, the first time we saw this after a Friday night Sox game, all together at Casa de BeefLoaf, we laughed our collective asses off.  It is not everyday that one of your chucklehead friends gets to be on TV acting like an even bigger jackass than normal.  So, since I was thinking about it, I figured I would share this piece of 108 history with all of you.
I hope you enjoyed it!
– BeefLoaf

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