The 5 – All the Kids are Right!!

This is the first article for the Section 108 blog that’s ever been conceived by a child.  That’s right, 108’s very own Bonita Steakie with a contribution to the blog (penned by BeefLoaf, annotated by Bonita Steakie).
We were heading home from a donut run to Bridgeport Bakery (my fat dad wasn’t allowed to have any donuts) when I realized, I could write an article for the 108, and it would be about all the things the White Sox should do for the kids that attend the games.
5. Stuffed Animal Give Away – Each Sunday game, the White Sox should give away a stuffed animal.  I like Southpaw, and my dad is always telling me about these other monsters that used to be the mascot Ribbie and Rhubarb, so maybe those two and possibly just some other animals dressed up in Sox jerseys.  That would be so cool, although I guess one concern would be that MySoxSummer would line up an army of kids and pay them to get the Stuffed Animal Give Away so that he could get all of the stuffed animals before my daddy takes me to the ballpark.


4. White Sox Themed Pokemon Go characters inside the stadium – I’m not sure if most of you know this, but 8 year olds love Pokemon Go.  I even make my dad take me out in the snow to hunt for Pokemon Go characters.  I think the White Sox should get special Pokemon Go White Sox characters created for inside the park.  Just think, 100 hundred 7-12 year olds could roam the ballpark looking for a Pikachu with Chris Sale‘s head on it, or something like that.
3. $1 Dip N Dots – If the adults can get $1 hot dogs on Wednesday nights, the kids should get a $1 Sunday treat, I nominate Dip N Dots (although Cotton Candy would also work).
2. Sox Win / Kids Win – If the Sox win on Sundays how about a Southpaw t-shirt to all the kids as they exit.  This means, however, that like yours truly when I am hanging with the 108 Sunday Funday crew, you have to stay till the end of the game.  That is no problem for me, as I like to race my daddy down the concourse after the game and force him to puff on his inhaler once he hits the gate.  PS, I always win too!!! and I always tell him “What took you so long?!?!?!”
1. Slide, like the Brewers Park, except kids can ride it all throughout the game and it empties into a bounce house – I think this is my best and most fun idea, think about unlimited slide rides down into a bounce house for kids.  My daddy told me that the owner of the White Sox doesn’t like to spend money on risky stuff like that last key free agent that could’ve lead the Chris Sale White Sox teams, whatever that means.  Either way, this would be great as is, but it could also be pretty fun if it was a water slide that lead to a small water park for kids.  C’mon WHITE SOX!!! Make it happen!!
– Bonita Steakie

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