Current Events with Chorizy-E – Esteban Loaiza

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news today, Esteban Loaiza was arrested on drug charges. He had, in his possession, about 20 kilos of either cocaine or heroin. Details are still coming out and it’s worth following a more reputable news source than the 108 to get updates on this developing story.

To me, this is very weird and for some reason, I feel like a lot more is going to unravel as more information comes out. It’s just strange that someone who made $40 plus million in the MLB not too long ago has now turned drug trafficker. Maybe he has, I mean, there is a shit load of evidence. And weirder things have happened. I would have never assumed Sammy Sosa would become an effeminate white cowboy when he was done playing, but lo and behold:

But let’s not live in the negativity of this story. Let’s focus on something else, maybe a bold prediction. An important note here is that he was arrested in California. So here’s a Chorizy certified bold prediction: Esteban Loaiza will break all of Ricky Vaughn’s California Penal League records. Now I know Esteban is 46 years old, but the guy was still playing in the Mexican League in his early 40s. Not only that, it’s apparent that he has an excellent PED connection, which can only help. And remember, Ricky had the heat when he was in the CPL, but not the control. So these are attainable records. Who knows, with good behavior and OJ’s lawyers, he might be out to pitch in his 50s for Team Mexico in the WBC.


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